How Promotional Merchandise Is Good For Business

Rouen,France,July 5th, 2012: A young man selling various promotional items on the official Tour of France shop in Rouen during the stage 5 of Le Tour de France 2012.

Promotional merchandise is everywhere these days, and there’s a reason why it’s popular among all types of businesses.

The best thing about promotional items is that they’re versatile, inexpensive, and make an excellent addition to your marketing plan. This is why including promotional merchandise in whatever marketing campaigns you have in mind is always a great idea. If you don’t know which promotional items to insert in your marketing, don’t hesitate to ask for expert assistance from Steel City Marketing.

Unfortunately, some business owners are still hesitant about adding promotional merchandise to their marketing budget. If you’re one of them, below are some of the ways on how such promotional items are great for your business:

  • Works Like Your Business Card

Instead of handing out a business card to your potential consumers, why not consider promotional merchandise instead? It works like a business card and can be a great way to put your company’s logo, name, or contact details. Unlike business cards, promotional merchandise is a unique and new way to reach out to your potential clients.

  • Improve Employee or Customer Retention

Promotional merchandise isn’t only for your clients or customers. It’s also ideal for your employees, especially if you want to show how grateful you are for their hard work. Corporate gifts are also more memorable than cash.

Your relationship with your customers won’t end once they receive your service or product because they can still serve as your brand advocates and boost your referrals.

In terms of your employees, providing promotional items to them may help improve employee retention, save you money in training or hiring and develop a happier workplace and better company culture.

  • Inexpensive Repeat Brand Marketing
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Digital advertisements are assimilated in several seconds. Emails are often deleted quickly. However, physical branded items last long.

On the other hand, valuable items, such as fitness equipment, stationery, or pens, are what most consumers likely to hold on to. Once they whip out branded pens or wear promotional shirts to their gym class, more people will see the details about your business.

Each time promotional items are used, it allows more people to be aware of your company. Although promotional merchandise can be an extra expense, the returns will keep going for days, weeks, or years because they will stay in use.

  • Greater Exposure for Your Business

Advertisements on TV, billboard, and announcements on some promotional websites pass through your eyes in a few seconds. However, promotional items are always in front of someone’s eyes when used all the time. For instance, if you give coffee mugs to your consumers, you can guarantee that they may use such items, which can be an excellent way to remind them about your business and tell others about what you offer.

  • Enable You to Build Brand Loyalty
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The increase of micro-influencers on social media platforms gives a perfect advantage to businesses that invest in promotional items. Sending your products to social influencers and famous bloggers means they’ll snap images of themselves wearing or using the items and post them for many followers to see.

When it comes to lead generation, word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, and promotional merchandise provides a fast way to win over influencers to gain traction with their audience or followers.

  • Instant Brand Recognition

Generally, brand recognition implies that consumers may immediately determine your business and its services or products once they spot your company logo. For instance, people can recognize a company’s brand when they see its logo.

Your gift of promotional merchandise to consumers can help them recognize and remember your business. It’s one of the reasons to distribute promo items.

  • Increase Your Sales
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Using any promotional merchandise may help boost your sales. The reason behind it is that consumers are more inspired to reach out to you. Once they see your name on a valuable and unique product, they’re more likely to choose your business than those that don’t offer promo items.

  • Help You Gain Reputation for Providing Quality Items

Choosing inexpensive promotional merchandise is suitable for a quick win at various trade events. This is because everybody enjoys having free items. But, high quality and more meaningful promotional products can make a difference to your company’s reputation. It shows that you genuinely care about your giveaways since quality items often reflect top-notch service.

So, if you want to build up a reputation in the market, a great way to do it is to provide quality promotional merchandise.


Promotional merchandise may drive consumers to your business without the need to spend a lot. Such items bring good brand recognition, which can help you widen your reach and improve your brand exposure. Such things are also great for driving customer loyalty and building a solid customer base. Just make sure that your promotional products are of high quality and tailored to your target audience.

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