How to choose wooden shutters on a budget?

How to choose wooden shutters on a budget?

Thinking to revamp your home? Huge renovations and extreme makeovers are not required for any home improvement. The simple solution to brighten up your home is by small improvements and enhancements to a specific area of your home. If you are searching for an inexpensive and easy-to-do facelift for your home then why are you not planning to update your windows? The simple makeover of windows can completely change and modernize the look of your home, also give a contemporary look, and add value to the home. 

Wood shuttersdo an excellent job of brightening up a home. They are classy, stylish, fully functional, and add more privacy to space. So if you are looking for top-quality wood shutters, you are in the right place. Our wood shuttersoffer a smooth finish, are 100% solid, never composite or hollow, to withstand the test of time. 

But if you haven’t purchased wooden shuttersbefore then you might find the process a bit challenging. So here we are now going to learn some useful tips that will make you’re shopping for wooden shutters less stressful. 

Know your budget

 Before you step out to buy new wooden shutters, you need to come up with a budget. This is probably the first thing to do. Having a budget will give you an idea of quickly ruling out those shutters that are beyond your price range. This will save a lot of time for you. 

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Type of wood and style

 After you have decided your budget, you must consider the type of wood and style that you want in your home. If you look through our selection that can be a great way to decide what your eye is drawn to and what you want the look of. This decision will be an important aspect so make sure you understand what type of style you are looking for before you purchase anything or agree to anything.

Energy efficiency

Wood shutters can block light and keep the interior temperature moderate. Also, the louvers are movable so have absolute control over their tilt. The insulation of your house is enhanced when you keep the outside elements away and ensure that heat and cold inside do not escape either. Hence this will significantly reduce your energy bills. 

So if you are looking primarily for the energy efficiency of the window coverings then raised panel vinyl shutters will equally work for your home.

Read online reviews

Online feedback exists to help customers make well-informed decisions. You can use this advantage during the shutter shopping process. Customer reviews will help you to determine two main things about a company, one is the quality of their products, and the other is the caliber of their customer service.

Shop around

One of the best ways to save money while shopping for shutters you want is to shop around. Various companies will offer huge discounts on shutters simply because they sell in volume. So try to look around before you hit the buy button while shopping.

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At legends we not only offer competitive prices but we also give instant quotes, measuring guides, and quality assistance from our experts to help you select the right type of shutter for your requirements.

Look for the complete package

When buying shutters, look for a company that not only sells the goods but also does the installation process themselves. Many companies offer discounts on installation costs when you purchase the shutters from them. So if you get both the things in one place that would be great for you. 

Benefits of wood shutters

Following are some of the reasons that why you should invest in wood shutters:


For most homeowners, aesthetics is the major concern for making wood shutters in this aspect. While it’s correct that the warmth and beauty of wood shutters cannot be substituted, it is difficult to tell apart whether the louvers are made up of vinyl unless you monitor them closely. 

The major difference between wood shutters and raised panel vinyl shutters lies in the color.

Quick and easy maintenance

Wood shutters are not difficult to maintain. While they do need professional maintenance by qualified shutter teams, you will only need to call them once a year to keeps your investment looking its best. By doing this you can prevent the shutters from any possible fungal or moss contamination on the exterior which gives your shutters to have a longer lifespan. The other alternative is vacuuming the dust by using a narrow nozzle attachment.

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Add value to your property

Well-manufactured wood shutters will add value to your property. Wood gives a unique and exquisite aesthetic to any property. With exceptional density, you will find the most beautiful-looking shutters of any type. 

Versatility and convenience

The wooden texture on the shutters is versatile and universally complimentary for all types of decor. Convenience is another important aspect that you should consider when you are looking for the materials used for making shutters. 


Wood shuttersare the ideal choice among homeowners looking for long-lasting window treatment which are stylish as well. They are very durable but you need to ensure that they are not exposed to moisture and humidity. Unlike wood, raised panel vinyl shutters tend to fade after years of exposure to snow, sunlight, and rain. Remember cheap and low-quality wood shutters are less durable and get discolored after a few years. 


At legends we provide a whole host of wood shutters, helping you to add beauty to your home or decor. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide advice on which style and material will suit your requirements. So if you are still not sure about how to choose, simply contact us today and explore our quality shutters for your home.

With years of experience in manufacturing, installation, and design of all types of shutters, you can be sure of great workmanship and great value when you shop with us.

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