How to Land Your Dream Job in Singapore: An All-Inclusive Guide


Your search for your dream job has narrowed down to Asia. The job market is steadily growing. There is currently a need for experts and specialists owing to the huge number of industry pop-ups. So, what do you need to achieve your employment goal in the lucrative Asian city of Singapore? Read on to find out.

Take an Eligibility Test

Before you go all out searching for a job, it is advisable to ensure that you are eligible to work in Singapore. There is an online self-assessment tool that you can use to gauge your eligibility courtesy of the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower.

Keep in mind that other factors such as work quotas are not calculated with the online tool.

Choose a Lucrative Market

Singapore is home to many thriving markets. Typically, there is a big gap for banking and financial services jobs in Singapore.

While the banking and financial services sector is lucrative and promising, there’s a host of new and upcoming industries. These include fields such as IT, eCommerce, and digital marketing.

Understand Work Conditions

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Before you commit to working anywhere globally, ensure that the country’s employment practices are miscible with your lifestyle. Get information about contracts, work hours, holidays, salaries, in-service training, and leaves of absence. This will help you evade the work lifestyle clash that can abort your career.

Find a Job in Singapore through Online Search

If you are eligible, have chosen a lucrative market, and have understood the work conditions, it is now time to search for open positions online. There are sites such as LinkedIn and Job Street that can help you with your online job search. Just type, for example, “banking and financial services jobs in Singapore” into the search box and click go. The site will generate a list of potential job openings.

Look for an Employment Agency

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Searching for openings online is all cool and nice but working with a recruitment agency offers more advantages. A recruiter will service you with extra details about your industry, the company’s history, and potential employers. Recruiting agents will also help you with interview preparation and work documentation such as the CV and cover letter.

Learn Networking

Networking is key when looking for employment anywhere, including Singapore. There are great and vibrant groups available for startups such as TiE Singapore and Startup Grind Singapore, where you can meet people with shared interests. Don’t worry if you can’t get to Singapore. You can reach out to other professionals through their websites, personal blogs, LinkedIn pages, or Twitter handles, generating great leads for potential job openings in your country of choice.


Apply for Work Visa

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You have finally got a job offer. Congratulations on reaching this far. Now it’s time to apply for a Singapore work visa. Getting one is very simple. Get a job offer, pay a registration fee and send in the application. The best part is that you’ll do everything online from the comfort of your home, and your Visa application will be processed in 7 days only.

Just get your documentation in order, get some foreign exchange, make transport arrangements and fly off to Singapore at your pleasure. It’s that simple!

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