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This article is Kevin Smith about masters of the universe revelation season 2 all information related to it. Kevin Smith, director, and writer of many successful movies have an opinion on some topics in this article. His style can be described as a mix between comedy and horror. He does not seem to have any problem with that mixture because his success speaks for itself!

What does Kevin Smith say?

A man who makes movies helped make the movie, Masters of the Universe. He partnered with Netflix to show it. The movie is on Netflix now! And if you want more of the wild new series, well – Smith has a bit of news for you regarding Masters of the Universe: Revelation’s second part.

Recently, the creator of a show talked to their fans on Twitter. They shared some big news about part two of the show’s season and how it is going to be playing on Netflix soon. Smith responded to a fan who asked Smith to release the show ASAP. Smith said that they are working on part two and it is further ahead than we thought.

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Behind the scenes, things are going well for Masters of the Universe. The show is continuing with the music and sound. The animation is mostly finished for this second half. All of this means He-Man will return to the screen shortly, and that is a relief given how the first episodes of Smith’s sequel end. The follow-up beats tradition back by doing some radical with He-Man and Skeletor, but if the creator is being upfront, then Prince Adam will return to battle at some point soon.

If you have not checked out Masters of the Universe: Revelation yet, you can do so on Netflix right now. The show picks up where the original He-Man series ended years ago, and you can learn more about the project below thanks to its synopsis: “After a calamitous battle fractures Eternia, Teela, and an unlikely alliance must prevent the end of the Universe in this sequel to the ’80s classic.”

What are the other details related to Kevin Smith’s unpacks about masters of the universe revelation season 2?

Kevin Smith: It is to some degree, but you’ve seen part 1, I’ve seen part 2. As much as one can break a toy, you can also put it back together, perhaps in a more interesting way. Our manifest was “You’re a spiritual sequel to the legacy cartoons in the ’80s that everybody knows.”

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It wasn’t “reinvent this, blow it apart.” It was literally “keep the story going.” There’s got to be reverence as hell. All these characters still look and sound and feel exactly like the characters from the other show. We just mature them.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation season 2 release date updates: Will  there be a new season? When is it coming out
Source: Netflix

When we bring in Moss Man and Skeletor kills Moss Man, the whole thing turns on a dime. Suddenly, we enter a world of stakes. We don’t think of it as we’re changing everything about Masters of the Universe. It was more about let’s just add stakes.

That’s the one thing the old cartoon never really had. You never thought for a second that Skeletor was ever going to kill He-Man. This was about, what happens if they crossed swords? And if somebody could lose a life, something that never would have happened on the old show. We got a body count on this show in the first part, and part 2 as well.

What is the Revelation?

My two bosses, Rob David, and Ted Biaselli were important to the creation of this. I have never made something before that they also worked on. Generally the upstairs folks, the creative execs, you never want to hear from them because they ruin things by giving you notes. The two cats helped make it better.

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They know more about the lore of Masters of the Universe than most people will ever know. So Teddy suggested that we change the title from  The End of the Universe to a title that is more neutral.” That’s where Revelation came from. When I pitched to Rob, he was like, “That’s great. Let’s go.” I assumed we would need to ask Netflix if they wanted the show and then try to sell it to them. But Rob said that this was already a done deal and all of our questions had been answered.

We approached He-Man like you would Superman. You have one of the most powerful beings in the entire world, who can literally do anything. For storytellers, okay, what do I do with that? Where’s the conflict?

There’s been a conflict for 40 years between Skeletor and He-Man, so you start there. What happens if one of them finally gets their way? What happens if they finally died in battle and if you take Superman out of Metropolis? Everyone’s identity in Metropolis is predicated on Superman. Everyone in Eternia’s identity is predicated on He-Man. Everybody has to grow up and change and take charge of their own lives.

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