Ray J and Princess Love Are Living Together In Miami

Ray J and Princess Love seem to be a better place in their relationship at present and he chatted with the media recently sharing about his move to Miami with wife Princess Love recently shares that they are in a more positive place in their journey together at present after five months of their split in the relationship. Ray J husband opening of a new chapter in his life and this 40 years old rapper had discussed about his relocation to Miami from Los Angeles while writing to his family, that they have been in a better place right now. “We’re in Miami; we’re gonna move down to Miami. And I don’t think we’re coming back to LA any time soon.” 

Ray J’s take on their relationship

The rapper had recently filed for divorce back during the month of September in 2020 from his wife who has been there with him for more than four years but it was just 5 months ago that they had confessed about their split. Now, it is pretty evident that the decision that Ray J has taken was nothing other than a mistake.

However, over the course of the past few months, they seem to be at a better place of their relation. He added, “We’ve been taking care of the kids [daughter Melody Love, 2, and son Epik Ray, 1].” Ray J seemed to be a bit coy when it came to talking about his marital status to which he added, “It’s just given us a different mood and a different outlook on life,” Ray J explained when it was about their official status of being back together or not. “We’re taking it one day at a time.” However, Ray J had confirmed that they have been under the same roof off late while sharing, “Well, we are together!” 

Ray J further continued, “Are we back together? Well, I think that’s just a journey we gotta take!” He said that they have been together in terms of living arrangement and they have been loving it the way it is! He went on, “We’re just figuring out, how do we keep it consistent, and how do we enjoy life together, and be good together.” We are eagerly waiting for the two to start afresh in Miami. 

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