Will wearables such as Apple Watch or Fit bit minimize Covid 19 pandemic?

The news which can potentially be an icing on the cake is that wearables can actually alert you of the possible virus before it takes the shape of something big.

Yes, there have been instances and evidences which reflect on how smartwatch of wearables can possibly create a sense of warning of the same. 

It is true that wearables in the form of Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch etc keep a track of the data of an individual by collecting heart and oxygen related information along with sleep and activity levels.
There have been researches where the scientists are coming to terms about the possibility whether the health data showcases any sort of Covid 19 related infection. 

The whole scenario gains significance over the fact that this will possibly alert the patient who after getting tested can actually quarantine. This procedural norm will systematically minimize the spread of disease too. 

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If the research done on the same is actually successful, then it will open the doors for more alerts with respect to other viruses in the form of flue, stress related phenomenon. 

The scientists are taking this aspect with a far sighted approach where such finding will prove to be as a standby for future virus or diseases as requisite measures can then be taken then by making use of the tools available 

Right from 500 people, that the Apple watch data has been collected and is being introspected upon. The patients who experienced the symptoms of Covid 19 were reported of slight change in behavior in terms of heart variability rate when compared with others. As per the findings relating with ‘Heart rate’ and ‘Blood Oxygen’ captured by Apple Watches, the University of Washington School of Medicine is currently doing its research work. As their findings can potentially bring to the fore the primary signs of flu as well as COVID 19. 

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How can these researches signal the early symptoms?

Well, for a lay man to understand clearly that although the smart watch won’t be capable to empower you with the most obvious and direct channel that you are Covid 19 positive, yet it can potentially signal through alerting you like “You may be sick in the next couple of days and that you need to be tested”

In relation to the same, there have been alerts issued to the participants by the Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab’s COVID 19 Wearables Study. The app namely MyPHD creates alert about the possible changes in heart rate. The noteworthy thing is that right after these tests were in existence since last December, it was able to alert 70% of patients who were then went for test and they came out positive. So, in short the test actually helped the patients who didn’t have any sign or symptoms, but there were alerted quite early. 

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Considering the positivity associated with the whole scenario, it is going to prove as a favorable help for medical practitioners and health researches in combating the epidemic for sure. 

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