Yes Day 2: Netflix- Release date, Cast And Storyline

yes day 2
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Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers both original and syndicated programming. It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, who were looking to solve the problem of how people could watch movies without having to buy or rent them as DVDs.

Release date:

In 2022.

Cast and characters:

-Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter

-Emma Watson: Hermione Granger

-Rupert Grint: Ron Weasley

-Zoe Kazan: Suzie

-Brooklynn Prince: Moonee

Director: Mike Mills

Plot details:

A mother and her six-year-old daughter live in a trailer park, Moonee is a wild child who has already been caught drinking alcohol by the time she’s 12. Her mom Halley works long hours at low wage jobs to make ends meet.

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Suzie meets this couple while on vacation with her husband, they both start an affair. Suzie’s affair is with her husband who works as a member of the cast for “Yes Day”.

Moonee has a wild streak from an early age, drinking alcohol at 12 years old without repercussions or consequences. She lives with her mother who suffers from depression. Moonee and Halley visit their dad at the mental hospital where he’s been for 20 years.


A family that lives in poverty struggles to make ends meet and the daughter has a wild streak. This is a story about Moonee, her mother Halley, their father who’s been in a mental hospital for 20 years, and their friend Suzie. The cast of “Yes Day” (a fictional movie) also features prominently as it plays out in front of them.

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Yes Day 2 starring Jennifer Garner is happening at Netflix

What’s new in Season Two?

Suzie’s mother is in jail and a new character, Jancey joins the cast. She takes care of Moonee when she visits her father. As always though, it’s not all rosy and she has things going on at home that are tough for her to handle.

The cast of “Yes Day” (a fictional movie) also features prominently as it plays out in front of them. The cast includes the daughter, Halley who’s been chasing her dreams for years but has now hit rock bottom and is trying to get back on her feet; the mother Moonee who has a penchant for trouble and loves to stir things up; the son, James who’s had a rough time since his father left him when he was six years old.

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