Zonnique Pullins Reveals about Sister Heiress Harris

It is evident that all seem to know about the Heiress Harris who happens to be the best little Queen on the Internet. She further talked about the way she is, as an aunt. The new mom, Zonnique Pullins dished on how her 4-year-old sis reacts as an aunt when it comes to that department. Zonnique had conducted an Instagram Q & A session and during her interaction, one of her followers had asked her brothers, King Harris, 16, and 12-year-old Major Harris, were “good uncles” to her 7-week-old baby girl. 

Zonnique had even shared a look at her life and the way she is, as a mother. She said, “Motherhood is giving no space in the bed.” She even shared an image of her baby while she was snuggling up to her, and she added, “two [kids], but one might be the moveeee.” Zonnique says that her baby is definitely going to be a mom’s girl had proved it by sharing a close-up shot of her daughter. Zonnique further said, “It really wasn’t bad at all.” She added, “I would do the delivery all over again.” She also said she was still the “same weight, not same body,” and that she “couldn’t breastfeed no mo,” She also said that her pregnancy wasn’t planned and was an “oops.” 

Tiny who has been 45 years had shared a video in the month of January of her little baby girl while they were going through a really tough time. Tiny added, “First day on auntie duties [and] she’s already jealous.” It was apparent that the baby did spend the night with her grandparents, and both Tiny, and T.I as well as the Heiress were not at all pleased with the sleeping arrangement that they had. Tiny even asked the daughter, “You want the baby to sleep right there?” An upset Heiress replied, “The baby can sleep wherever she wants!” Even Zonnique had kept the name and face of her daughter private post her birth, and it was only quite some time back that she finally revealed the back of her daughter’s face while pointing at her!

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