11 Mobile Website Design Tips to Boost Your Sales

In the present world, almost everything has shifted into an online industry. A major portion of people all around the globe perform daily shopping needs through online websites. This is a perfect opportunity for companies to consider the E-commerce market seriously. For selling anything on the online market, the business companies must create an E-commerce website. This wonderful website offers the companies a golden opportunity to build a name for their brand. It also helps them to connect with more customers and sell more goods. The design of an E-commerce website plays a vital role in determining the success of the business. Here are some E-commerce website mistakes that one should certainly avoid.

So, web design is critical to creating an interactive E-commerce website. Various elements such as using the right colors, fonts, images, words, and graphics help the company convince the visitor to make a purchase. In simple terms, an E-commerce website’s design should attract potential customers, provide an immersive User experience, and present your business in the best light. The design of an E-commerce website must have the potential to convince your users to make a purchase. However, designers are confused about the design elements that help them to boost sales on E-commerce websites. This article will discuss various tips that can help you improve the design of an E-commerce website.

1. Keep the Design Simple

The simplistic design is one of the top rules while creating the layout for an E-commerce website. This design allows visitors to focus on the core elements of the website. Unnecessary stuff such as banners and advertisements often draw attention to trivial things. In simple words, a ton of Bells and whistles for an E-commerce website will often end up decreasing the value of your business. So, the designers must keep the layout of the website clean, clear, and simple. This process will help the website’s elements focus on the primary goal of selling a product. There are also several other benefits of a simple design that we will discuss in the latter part of this article.

2. Branding Must Be a Priority for the Design

Although E-Commerce websites have become a top growing trend, people are still skeptical about making a random purchase online. So, most people want to buy from reputed brands online. Most people think that faceless companies are often frauds just trying to steal credit card information. To create a successful design for E-commerce websites, designers must put serious thought into the brand. The brand will act like DNA for sales information. This information will allow your customers to identify your company and also differentiate you from your competitors. In simple terms, branding will play a major role in creating a connection with your audience and drive your sales figures. 

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3. Use the Mindset of a Website Visitor

In case you want to ensure that your website design connects with your audience, you must think like your audience. There are only a few things that every customer desires from an E-commerce website. These elements include attractive design, better UI, easy navigation, and an easy shopping experience. For the success of an E-commerce website, the designers must provide these elements to the end-users. Thinking like a visitor will help you understand the types of navigation that will be easy and simple. This process will also allow you to determine various layout designs that emphasize an E-commerce website’s major elements.

4. Utilize the Power of Color

Many Web Designers often fail to realize the importance of choosing the perfect color for an E-commerce website. Color is a potent tool to express a specific idea or message. The developers must understand the psychology behind colors to use them to the advantage. Different colors can provoke different thoughts, ideas, and actions from the end-users. The developers must be able to utilize these actions to their advantage. For instance, the developers can choose a bright color for the purchase button to emphasize its essence. A recent study shows that choosing a bright red color for the purchase button increase sales by up to 34%. 

5. Use High-Quality Images on the Website 

Many experts suggest that using relevant images on an E-commerce website can increase sales figures by up to 40%. It is a common guess that no user will buy a product without seeing it. The best way to sell a product is to show the customers what they are getting with high-quality images. These images play a vital role in building trust and confidence within your customers. A customer must be confident about the product before he buys it. The developers must have plenty of high-quality images of every product available on the website. These images will play a vital role in converting your visitors into potential customers

6. There must be scanning Elements on the Website

Many web designers spend days crafting the description for all the products available on the E-commerce website. This is a lengthy process for all the companies that have multiple items for sale. A recent survey shows only a small number of visitors read these descriptions. The majority of the users just scan the description, looking for key information. To increase sales for the products, developers must ensure there is content to scan on the web page. The best approach to this process is a short description with a bold font for crucial information. This process will help the customer absorb the information and buy your product.

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7. Try to Implement Professional Layouts on the Web Pages

The primary goal of an E-commerce website is to ask your visitors to buy something from you. In this process, you are indirectly asking potential customers to provide their credit card information. The customers will not feel comfortable doing these transactions if your website does not feel professional. The developers must invest in a professional website to build trust with their customers, as trust is essential for any E-commerce website’s growth. A professional website should not have any grammatical errors or discrepancies in the visual elements. In simple terms, a professional website will force your customers to take you and your business seriously.  

8. Make your E-commerce Website Social Proof

Social media plays an important role in building trust for businesses and E-commerce websites. While building the website, look for possible ways to show the customer’s feedback from long-term users. You can also add a rating service to rate your products and your website services. A testimonial section on the website allows users to show the relationship that they share with your brand. All the positive reviews from various users will help the new visitors to build trust for your brand. Furthermore, these interactions will also make your website a hot topic on different social platforms. As a result, your website will appear in the recommendations for many users. 

9. The Categories must be Easy to Navigate

Clunky social pages are responsible for killing most of the sales on various E-commerce websites. The user may abandon your website if they have to click on numerous menus before finding the product. In this competitive market, if a user stops using an E-commerce website, there are minimal chances of returning. So, the developers must make the product pages easy to navigate. They can also use font color and size variation to highlight the important areas in a product. This process will help the users find what they are looking for and quickly make the purchase. 

10. It must be Simple to check out on the Website

In the previous section, we already discussed the importance of navigation to maintain a uniform user base. On the other hand, a simple checkout process also plays a vital role in maintaining customer satisfaction. The designers must make the checkout process simple, easy, and straightforward. The customers should also have the option to checkout as a registered user or as a guest. The transparency of information plays a vital role in simplifying the checkout process. For instance, you must provide clear information about shipping methods, shipping charges, estimated delivery date, and other transaction details. This process will also help to increase the trust of a user about your business ideals. 

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11. Try to keep all the Elements on the Website Responsive

In the Current software designing industry, responsiveness plays a vital role in determining a website’s success. A recent survey suggests that mobile users dominate over 50% of the total internet traffic. So, the development agencies must consider the mobile platform as a vital element for business growth. Responsive websites can function smoothly on both mobile and desktop platforms. Hence, the software designers must ensure the E-commerce websites are equally accessible on mobile and tablet platforms. In this competitive market, a company cannot afford to alienate any user base section depending on device incompatibility. 

The best tool to Test the Responsiveness of E-commerce Websites

We already discussed that responsiveness plays a vital role in determining the success of an E-commerce website. Now, there are various tools available in the market for responsive testing. This wide range of options often leads to wrong decisions and errors in the testing environment. So, let us consider a browser-specific tool for mobile responsive testing: 

• LT Browser

LT Browser is a tool to test the responsiveness of web applications on various mobile devices. The developers can use this tool to test the responsiveness of their web application on more than 50+ mobile devices simultaneously. Let’s look at some of the features offered by LT Browser:

  • This tool allows you to compare the visual aesthetics of your website on multiple platforms.
  • Using LT Browser, the developers can create custom devices according to their development project requirements.
  • The one-click bug-logging helps to detect all the errors present in the core framework simply. 
  • The cloud platform of LT browsers allows developers to test the web application on devices that have just been released to the market. 

The Final Verdict

Web designing can indeed become tricky at times. In this article, we discussed various ways to help software designers create an interactive design layout for their E-commerce websites. The designers must remember that customer satisfaction is very crucial to run any business successfully. This rule is valid for E-commerce websites as well. Lastly, we would recommend our readers check out the LT browser as the ultimate tool to test any E-commerce website’s responsiveness. 

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