4 Legal Requirements for Starting a Halfway House in Texas

If you would like to start your own business and help people at the same time, then you might have thought about opening up a halfway house. A halfway house is a place for people who are recently released from prison for those who have recently been released from an Inpatient rehab facility. This gives individuals a chance to re-acclimate to society before returning home. At the same time, opening a halfway house does come with a few rules and regulations that people need to follow. There are a few key points that everyone has to keep in mind.

Rules and Regulations Surrounding Starting a Halfway House

There are a few requirements for opening a halfway house that people have to follow. Some of the key rules that people need to note include: 

  • Halfway houses need to be categorized based on the type of people that are going to be present. Some halfway houses target people who have been released from prison about other halfway houses target individuals recovering from drug addiction. 
  • There are regulations regarding how many people can be present at any single time. It is important to have an idea of how many people to halfway house can hold before it opens. 
  • There are also zoning requirements, licenses, and permits that halfway houses have to have in order to operate in the local area.

These are a few of the major rules and regulations that halfway houses have to follow. 

There are a few legal requirements that people have to follow if they are going to open a halfway house. These include: 

  • Discrimination Laws: Halfway houses are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of disabilities. Under this act, individuals who suffer from a substance abuse disorder are considered to have a disability and cannot be discriminated against when it comes to housing. 
  • Zoning Laws: In order to open a halfway house, owners need to follow all zoning laws. Zoning laws are designed to target who is on site instead of what activities might be taking place on that site. Therefore, it is critical for anyone thinking about opening up a halfway house to consider the zoning requirements for that area. 
  • Licensing: In order to open up a halfway house, owners need to make sure they have the appropriate licenses. These licenses may change depending on the local regulations. Therefore, it is critical for small business owners looking to open a halfway house to partner with trained professionals who can guide them in this venture. 
  • Additional Policies: One important additional policy that halfway houses may be forced to follow involves random drug testing. Sobriety is an important part of opening a halfway house. As a result, drug testing may be required to run a halfway house. 

These are a few examples of legal requirements that halfway houses need to follow if they would like to operate in the local area. It is important for all halfway house owners to make sure they comply with all legal requirements in order to keep their house open. 

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