Agape Diamonds and the Brand’s Approach to Ethical Jewelry

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring to propose to your partner or are just looking for earrings or other pieces of jewelry to give as a romantic gesture, the chances are high that you’ll be considering diamonds. A diamond engagement ring, much like other diamond jewelry, is a classic symbol of love, recognized for its lasting value and undeniable sparkle. Diamond jewelry is a large component of any jewelry shop, partially because of this symbolism and the enduring power that diamonds have.

That being said, just because natural diamonds have endured for many generations doesn’t mean they’re actually the best option for you and your jewelry purchase. For example, many lab-grown diamonds and synthetic diamonds also exist on the market as alternatives to natural diamonds. Why exactly would you want an alternative to a natural diamond?

Since some diamond rings are made with diamonds from unethical miners or conflict-torn regions of the world, the diamond industry isn’t always as straightforward and moral as you’d hope it would be when shopping jeweler. This is why before you buy a natural diamond, it might be worth considering a simulated diamond for your fiancé. Agape Diamonds is a leader in producing simulated diamonds for a wide range of jewelry items, including rings, earrings, and necklaces. Read on to learn more about what makes an Agape simulated diamond so special.

Agape simulated diamonds are ethical options.

One of the biggest benefits of shopping with Agape Diamonds is that we offer a conflict-free alternative to natural diamonds. Rather than needing to be mined, our diamonds are produced in a lab and have many of the characteristics of real diamonds. Even though we sell simulated diamonds, we take the quality of our diamonds seriously and strive to make a high-quality alternative to other simulated diamond options such as moissanite or cubic zirconia. If you want to go with a reputable company for your diamonds over the ethical concerns about civil wars caused by diamonds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better lab-grown diamonds than what we have for sale.

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Agape simulated diamonds are graded similarly to natural diamonds.


Compared to moissanite and cubic zirconia, Agape Diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from real diamonds. This makes them an excellent alternative to natural diamonds since our diamonds can be graded on the same Cs that natural diamonds are: clarity, cut, color, and carat. We take pride in our fine jewelry, and through our exceptional lab creation process, Agape diamonds are just as beautiful to look at as a natural diamond.

We believe so much in our diamonds’ role in helping to curb civil wars caused by the real diamond industry that we have several policies in place to get you a refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase from Agape Diamonds. Whether you purchased earrings from us or a diamond necklace, we honor our refund policy and take pride in our customer service. We create every piece of jewelry with the highest standards of quality and offer free returns if you’re not satisfied with our craftsmanship.

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That being said, we’re willing to bet that you won’t be interested in a refund when you see how our diamonds compare to those CZ and moissanite options offered by our competitors and other third parties. Our lab-grown diamonds are certified by a gemologist not to lose their shine or sparkle, meaning that you’ll have a brilliant piece of diamond jewelry well into the future when you purchase with us. If you have more questions about how our diamonds differ from other companies, please reach out to our customer service to learn more about our offerings.

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