Amazon eyes to start an ambitious project of opening a hair salon

NewsDio desk : Amazon is going to try its hand in the salon industry, by opening a highly sophisticated tech hair salon. The move by Amazon is quite surprising considering how it is planning to make in-roads in the beauty sector. The salon makes use of the augmented-reality mirror which helps to show the clients series of different styles and colors to adopt. The place also takes due care about the needs of clients where it has installed tablets for people to browse magazines. 

The high-tech mechanism is just an addition to the traditional services which will also be a part of the salon services. The service providers in terms of hairdressers will have loads of experience and  belong to independent London salon Neville Hair and Beauty. The salon also prominently enlists series of products so that customers can buy them by scanning QR codes for hair products. 

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Amazon staff will test the services on themselves for giving greater meaning

In order to make the services more meaningful and effective for the masses, the staff of Amazon will be the first to undergo a test of the services right before it is set to be launched for the masses in near future. 

The Amazon of UK division where John Boumphrey is working as manager, has spoken about the idea of coming up with a salon like this. He said that he wants the customers to experience sophistication in terms of technology when it comes to getting the services from renowned stylists through their awesome haircare products.

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He further said that he is looking forward to constantly come up with highly developed technologies even in future and that can only be done by testing them so that the salon can act as a real face of how Amazon constantly endeavors itself to be closer than ever before. 

Not everyone seems to be happy though

However, in a competitive world, many small independent Hair salon owners are concerned about losing their business. Since, the same has been echoed by Mercan who feel that the customers will be attracted towards sophisticated technology.

She feels that there is no need for Amazon to use offline mechanism for business. Since, it is better for them to only concentrate itself on the online shopping trade. She further justified her concerns by saying the business of salon has drastically gone down in the past year while Amazon was able to do brisk business in lockdown. 

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She emphasized on the need of how getting hair related service is about handling by human and not just by a technology which is simply faceless.

For Amazon fresh customers who shop, they just scan a smartphone app and this is how their series of purchases get denoted by camera who are then able to pay through their Amazon account on billing, while they step out of the store. 

The technology is currently operational in various shops owned by Amazon in America. Based on the level of success and convenience which is associated with the same, it is true that Amazon is looking forward to strengthen the same to other retailers. 

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