Are Your Breasts Sagging Due to Pregnancy?

A breast lift surgery in Houston restores a youthful form and boost to your breasts by addressing drooping and asymmetrical breasts. Additionally, it also improves breast volume, elongated areolas, and sagging nipples. Furthermore , a breast augmentation may be suggested typically if a change in breast volume is necessary. So, you can choose to only have the breast lift done or you can choose a breast augmentation with lift. The choice is yours. Countless women have effective breast-lift surgery each year, with no severe complications and positive results.

When Should You Get a Breast Lift?

-Gravity, childbirth, normal aging, breastfeeding, weight change, and inheritance have all had an impact on your breasts contour, causing drooping or extra skin.

-The cosmetic surgeon believes that it is critical in order to have maximum results when getting breast implants.

-If the areola or nipple tissue has expanded.

Do You Think I’d Benefit From a Breast Lift?

You may be wondering what breast lift may achieve if you’ve become deeply frustrated with the lowering of your breasts. If your cosmetic surgeon recommends coupling breast augmentation along with a lift, you shouldn’t be startled. Supplemental operations may be required to reach your expectations.

A good candidate for breast lift should have one or more of the following: 

-Your breasts aren’t firm or have lost their substance.

-Downward-pointing areolas and nipples, especially if they’re underneath the crease of the breast.

-Your breasts vary from one another in appearance; one of your breasts may look firm and positioned appropriately while the opposite breast doesn’t.

-Your breasts aren’t of the same size.

-Your breasts aren’t too large.

-Your breasts are huge and dense.

-You are no longer a mother or a breastfeeding mother. Cosmetic breast surgery may be postponed if you wish to have children in the future. Pregnancy can extend and diminish the volume of the breasts, reducing the benefits of surgery.

Will There be Significant Scarring?

These will differ depending on the sort of incision that your cosmetic surgeon recommends for you. Certain incision lines may be hidden by natural breast curves, while some will be more apparent on the surface of the breast.

Three incisions are generally used to elevate the breasts :

-In the vicinity of the areolas

-Along the wrinkles of the breasts in a horizontal manner

-In a downward manner along the areola to the wrinkles of the breast

Even though incision lines are irreversible, they will diminish and gradually improve in most situations. Cosmetic surgeons ensure they conceal scars and limit them as much as possible, with the goal of getting the desired outcomes with the smallest scar feasible. Scars are reduced even more with special tissue manipulation and stitching procedures.

How Should I Choose a Breast Lift Surgeon?

It’s critical to pick your cosmetic surgeon based on the following criteria:

-The number of procedures performed

-Training, knowledge, and credentials

-Your degree of comfort with the surgeon

After you’ve found a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast lift surgery, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with him or her. Due to the comprehensive aspect of the first appointment, there is usually a charge for the consultation.

What Is the Expected Duration of the Results?

If you get a breast lift done correctly, your breasts will not droop again for years to come, providing you don’t have any big weight changes or become pregnant. There may be some settling. However, the new nipple location should stay in place. Inquire with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the procedure that will be employed. Cosmetic surgeons typically do not do a basic skin lift. However, they modify the whole tissue of the breast, resulting in a more long-lasting lift.

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