Benefits of Sending your Child to an IGCSE School in Bangalore

In today’s times, there are several educational boards that you can consider for your child when you are looking for a school in a city like Bangalore. Choosing the right board becomes vital as this decision of yours, will lay the foundation of your child’s academics. The board should be chosen depending on your child’s end goal in their academic journey. In the last few years, IGCSE board has become extremely popular in Bangalore because of its rich international curriculum that prepares students for their future and makes them competent in a global arena. Due to the rising demand for this board, you will find a lot of good schools in Bangalore. Always look for schools that make the most of the international curriculum and have the infrastructure to implement the right kind of teaching methodologies. Let’s look at some of the benefits of sending your children to an IGCSE school in Bangalore. 

Recognized by Top Colleges and Universities Worldwide

IGCSE is a highly regarded curriculum in leading universities and colleges across the world. It acts as a gateway for your children to these top global universities. If you are planning to send your child to foreign universities for further education, then IGCSE is the ideal board which hones your child’s capabilities so that they are prepared to take on the challenges of learning at these international institutions confidently. Students who have studied at leading IGCSE Boarding Schools in Bangalore have made it to some of the most reputed foreign universities all over the world.   

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Better Employment Opportunities Globally 

The most revered global companies trust the Cambridge IGCSE board due to the high standards it has set for maintaining the quality of education. Students who study at IGCSE schools in Bangalore have an upper edge when it comes to finding global employment opportunities. This is mainly because they are aligned to a global learning approach from an early age and employers at big companies always look for this quality in their candidates.    

Excellent Teaching Methodologies 

The IGCSE board is designed in such a way the unique talents and learning capabilities of every child is identified. The experienced faculty members of some of the finest IGCSE boarding schools in Bangalore adopt learner-centric teaching methodologies to enhance the way a particular student learns.  Apart from that, the students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, music, performing arts etc. which is important for their all-round development.  

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Inquiry Based Learning 

The IGCSE curriculum aims to impart practical knowledge to students with an inquiry-based learning approach. Children at IGCSE schools in Bangalore take part in various kinds of projects, excursions and discussions which open their mind and make them curious to learn more. The advantage here is that parents wouldn’t have to force their children to study when they themselves are inquisitive to learn the depths of a subject.  

Global Community of Education 

IGCSE students are a part of a global network of learners where teachers and students from across the world come together to share their knowledge, learnings, and resources. Since students get a chance to interact with fellow learners from different corners of the world, they become more confident and improve their communication skills to a great extent.  

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Well-thought Assessment Systems 

The assessment criteria at IGCSE schools are very flexible as it focusses more on conceptual learning than on bookish knowledge. It evaluates students based on their reasoning skills and their ability to grasp concepts at a deeper level.   

By opting for an IGCSE school in Bangalore, your children will be exposed to a global approach to learning which will open doors to a lot of opportunities in the future. They have better chances of securing admissions in the leading universities abroad for further education. So, if you choose a good IGCSE school for your child, it will indeed be a life-changing decision for them. 

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