Breach of Verkada surveillance cameras didn’t hack Shanghai factory: Tesla

NewsDio Desk : US electrical vehicle maker namely Tesla Inc informed that hackers could only gain access to a supplier’s production site in Henan province, China. Hence, there is no need to panic for anyone with regards to the safety and security aspect relating with Shanghai car factory along with showrooms. 

There were few hackers who successfully hacked and gained administrative access to cameras whose main supplier was Verkada.

Although, the supplying company Verkada accepted that an intrusion has taken place, which has necessitated them to disable all sorts of internal administrator accounts which ends the possibility of any hacking attempts further. 

In an official statement, the company has said that it is analyzing the extent of the issue, which has come up as a result, where its internal and external securities team is pressed into the service for understanding the exact scope of the issue arising out of the same. The company has also notified the law enforcement along with customers.

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Swiss software developer Tillie Kottmann, who has got an access where he highlighted the security flaws in mobile apps along with other systems, has a recording which acted as a proof which he gained right from inside a Tesla factory in China along with the showroom in California. 

Kottmann also shared user accounts along with screenshots which he gained from other venues such as Alabama jail, community gym along with police interview area. 

However, Reuters in its response said that it doesn’t authenticate the screenshots. 

Tesla China has said to Reuters that the hacking incident was only limited to one of its suppliers’ production sites in China’s Henan province and apart from the same, no site was touched, and that includes Shanghai car factory or showrooms. 

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The official statement also made it ample clear that the data associated with the supplier’s factory was very well safeguarded and stored locally, and that there is no danger or threat to the same in any manner. Currently, the cameras are delinked to the internet as they aren’t working 

Kottmann couldn’t provide details of other members with regards to the hacking group. He further said that with regards to the first breach which was reported in Bloomberg, Verkada had already cut off the hacker’s access many hours back to the incident, signifying its position to be highly safe and that there is nothing to worry, owing to the cloud of uncertainties which is currently doing the rounds. 

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It is true that there was a prevailing threat that the hacking group could have well taken control of the camera gear relating with the company’s networks at Tesla along with Cloudflare.

In response to the same, Cloudflare has said that they have such an advanced security measures in place which blocks even a small leak from becoming something bigger and more intense. Hence, in such a scenario, that the customer data was very much intact and that there were no accompanied threats or dangers associated with the same. 

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