Does LLB have the scope in India?

Your success depends upon you and your hard work, not upon the degree. If you see the struggling advocates then you probably see very little to no scope in the legal domain but if you see the big names such as Advocate Ram Jethmalani, Fali Nariman, KK Venugopal, Harish Salve, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Kapil Sibbal, P. Chidambaram, and Arun Jaitely then you may see a bright future. LLB has a wide scope in India but it depends upon how you make the most of it. Pursuing LLB from a reputed college or university of India opens the door to a wide set of opportunities that cannot be boasted of other career options.

Bachelors of Legislative Laws is popularly known as LLB. LLB is abbreviated as Legum Baccalaureus. LLB is the undergraduate professional degree that is sought by students to get into any legal profession. LLB is not only a degree for a person to get employment, but it is a way for them to deliver their responsibility towards society. It simply means to stand for and with human rights. Since it is the base for our constitution and the most vital tool for social reforms, a profession in this field is considered a prestigious and respected one in the country. LLB covers legal procedures, legal principles, ideals of corporate governance, and laws and regulations of countries. LLB graduates can also step into the three arms of government- legislative, executive, and judiciary. Therefore, students have several career opportunities after completing LLB in India.

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Career options after LLB in India

  • Government service: LLB graduates can also join government services if they prepare themselves for the exams held by the Public Service Commission. The LLB graduates would be then eligible for Indian Legal Services, which includes Legislative Counsel in the Legislative department and Legal Advisor in the Department of Legal Affairs.
  • Legal Advisor: LLB graduates can also become Legal Advisor or join some law firms, private companies, corporate firms, or banks. You can also provide your advice or various legal matters or your legal expertise could also be used in NGOs.
  • Advocate: Advocacy is one of the most opted professions among LLB graduates. Students after completing their graduation in LLB can practice in the court. However, the students first have to qualify for the examination conducted by the All India Bar Council to qualify for their practice.
  • Judiciary: This course allows students to work for the Judicial machinery of the country as Judge or Magistrate. For this, the students are required to pass a Judicial examination conducted by the Public Service Commission.
  • Legal Researcher: The LLB graduates can also opt for Legal Researcher. A Legal Researcher is responsible for researching various cases and exploring ways to win a case. Moreover, they are hired by the lawyers to gain a deeper insight into the cases.
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Apart from these career options, there are several areas where LLB graduates can make their career and earn a hefty salary. After knowing the manifold scope of this course, you might be wondering about the LLB admission process details. To secure admission in the LLB programme, you must crack exams conducted by National Law Universities or the respective private universities. Overall, know your options well and choose your career path wisely.

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