Fujifilm Instax mini link Smartphone printer

Newsdio Desk : Photos can easily be differentiated in the way they hold precision, perfection and charisma. Yes, ‘the best ones’ overpower your thought process and at the same time all others become ordinary for you.

Yes, that’s the power of the printers which are designed to provide you with the ‘the best from the rest’ photos. Here, the example of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone printer holds one of the highest relevance. 

Let’s take a look at the series of features which different the printer with the rest

  • You just have to download Instax Mini Link app and bang on, you are ready with printing photos
  • Photos can become artistically creative, as you have the option of adding fun filters and frames to the images you capture
  • It is a printer which prominently takes in consideration the aspect of time of clients. Yes, it takes 12 seconds as the speed of printing while another 90 seconds for developing the photo after printing.
  • It comes with Bluetooth feature to substantially reduce the inconvenience which may have caused to you earlier.
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Printing is possibly the easiest exercise for you

Simple Print

You can get the professionalised prints as per your desires and expectation from your Smartphone, as you just have to edit and print photos.

Video Print

Do you want to capture the best of photos right from those action shots? Well, if yes, then you can easily do the same with perfection. 


One of the aspects of taking the best of shots lies towards their clarity and the same aspect is achieved when you tilt the printer to zoon in and out.  Likewise, thereafter with the help of power button, you can easily take a photo. 

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It is true that when things are easy and simplified, then achieving the best of results become very much possible. Likewise, Fujifilm Instax printer is designed in a way where even a novice can achieve the professionalized results in just few attempts. 

Party Print

Now, your desires to make the most of the party functions can be achieved with the unique and refreshing level of INSTAX print. In order to keep the final result a secret, there is a Surprise Mode which you can make use of. 

Frame Print

There is no stopping for you when it comes to adding refreshing and unique frames as you can choose from 27 fun frame designs to give your photo, much needed spark and feel joyful in the process

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Sketch, edit and print feature

Your level of creativity knows no boundaries, thanks to the feature which lets you add sketches or text to the photos and then as you print you can feel happy with the new set of skills you have just acquired.

Collage Print

Here, you have just found a unique, interesting and creative way to add ‘fun’ to the photos. Thanks to the available 14 collage styles you can give a marvelous touch to the photos. Additionally, you can split your photos over one INSTAX print. 

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