Funny Things To Do With Phones

Everybody has their phone with them nowadays. It is a part of our daily life. Waking up in the morning? An alarm will set off. In a rush somewhere? Hail a ride in a few taps. Craving pizza for lunch? You can easily order and pay for it using one app! With so much function it offers, people who want to make light fun of others have learned to adapt as technology keeps on advancing. The good news is, there are way more fun and funny ways to do using your phone aside from exchanging memes or tagging your friends to funny videos. Curious about these things yet? We listed down seven ideas you can try right after reading this article!

Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Make hilarious prank calls.

Did you know that you can make more awesome and believable prank calls using a prank call app? If not, then you should definitely check out Ownage Prank’s prank calling app. If you are into funny things and pranks online, you might know Ownage Pranks from their excellent youtube channel. They extend the Ownage to you by allowing you to prank anyone you like through spoof calls. You can start by choosing from a wide selection of pre-made scripts performed by professional voice actors posing as a sexy girl, an angry boyfriend, an old lady, celebrities, and many more characters! All you need to do is just let the whole fun thing unfold at arm’s length as you mess with your chosen victim. Not that it needs more convincing, but the animation in their app is neat as hell!

  1. Mess with someone’s text replacement settings.
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Are you a beginner prankster wanting to keep things basic? Well, you should know that even the most basic pranks need an ample amount of effort. In this prank, you will need to find a reason to access your victim’s phone. That is totally up to you. You can pretend to call someone, borrow their phone to play games, or what have you. Next, go to settings-general-keyboard and immediately change any commonly used words with any terms you like. Once they cracked the trick you want to pull on them, it could be pretty evident that it is you who did it. It would be fun to see them struggle in confusion, am I right? 

  1. Scare your neighbors by changing your WiFi’s name.

This one is pretty easy, and it doesn’t have to deal with a phone directly. You just need to change your WiFi password into something quite conspicuous like “NSA Van #23”. When they check the WiFi connections around them, they will be astounded by these scary names! You may not see the looks on their faces when they see this, but it is positive that at least one of them will be slightly thrown by this sight. This prank will also work if you have a visitor at home, and they try to detect WiFi in your place. 

  1. Mess with someone during a video call.

Since it is the high time of FaceTime chats and Zoom meetings, you can prank someone over the internet by making them think that there is something wrong with their device’s audio or with their Wifi. How do you do this? First, hop onto a call with them and engage as per usual. Build the mood by being chatty with them. Tell a story interesting enough for them to invest a sufficient amount of attention. Just after you find the perfect timing, immediately stop talking loudly but continue doing animated gestures and facial expressions as you watch the panic and confusion play in their face. Remember, you will need an impressionable amount of acting skills, so practice beforehand and try to hold your laughter as much as possible! We’d be taking our hats off when you can try to keep everything in because this trick is hilarious as sin!

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If you are looking for a perfect phone stand for doing this trick, or just for easing your video conferencing experience in general, you may read here.

  1. Download a remote app and control your family’s TV.

You see, you can use your phone for many things nowadays, which includes controlling devices around you! You may download a remote control app like Optimum on your phone and connect your TV with it. You can mess with your family members or roommates by switching the channel in moments where the scenes are most climactic. They wouldn’t know it’s you unless you act so conspicuously!

  1. Make a contest and write your friend’s number on the poster.
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This is not our original idea, but some golden prank famous on the internet. Have you ever heard of the Chewbacca screaming contest? You need to make a poster about the said screaming contest and put your friend’s phone number on it. To attract more participants, make sure to put up a real prize to draw people in. Your friend will receive so many random screams on their phone, and the best part is – they will never know when it will stop! Whoever thought about this prank is an absolute genius!

  1. Make a meme of your friend.

Since our culture is made up of memes, why not make your friend a meme of their own? All you need is a funny photo of them, a hilarious catchphrase, and a trusty editing app like PicsArt or any meme generator available in the app store. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to do something like this. You just need to be intuitive with your meme’s relevance and be clear with your context. The only limit here is your imagination! Just make sure to keep it fun while not making your friend uncomfortable. Remember that an offensive joke is just a bad joke. Be careful not to fall under unintentional bullying.

And these are the seven funny things you can do with your phones. Thought about something that isn’t on this list? Good for you! Your imagination can only go as wild as it wants. Just make sure to keep it safe, and to avoid hurting someone using your phones. Enjoy!

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