Gas VS Electric Oven: Which Is Better?

Gas VS Electric Oven

When you are buying an oven, you usually have two fuel choices; electric or gas-fueled ovens. Now both ovens have their advocates, which can make it hard to settle on either. However, evaluating the pros and cons can help you decide the most suitable option for you. Here is what you need to consider when choosing between a gas or electric oven;


Although there are many ovens in the market, the choice of oven fuel is not that wide. Therefore, evaluate the fuel supply within your location and determine which is the most convenient one. If you live in an isolated place, you should also think about the vulnerability of your energy supplies.

An electric oven is best if you live in a place where power cuts are not regular. But if you still want to cook when the power is off, a gas oven will be suitable for you. Also, determine whether your gas pipeline usually leaks or is prone to other problems. If it does, consider going electric.

Cooking Characteristics

Some people say that roasting potatoes in an electric oven is impossible while others say the same about gas ovens. It’s why parboiling is a deciding factor when choosing between the two. Coil hob’s responsiveness and heat distribution, however, are essential factors when deciding.

We advise opting for a device that you are used to. Therefore, this brings down things to personal preference. If electric ovens work for you, don’t worry about other people’s opinions. And if you were successful using a gas oven, that is what you should buy.

Gas VS Electric


An important factor to consider when choosing any home appliance is how much it’ll cost to run. Most people, if not all, want to keep their energy bills as low as they can. Therefore, buying a device that uses much power can be disadvantageous.

Generally, running a gas oven is cheaper. But that doesn’t make it a better option. Note that it’s easier to control temperatures in electric ovens. You only need to use a digital thermostat. Plus, an electric oven with a fan evenly distributes heat. However, gas coil hobs respond better than electric ones.

Now, these issues make choosing one over the other difficult. It’s why cost alone shouldn’t be a determining factor. Think about the other issues we’ve talked about above too.

So What Should I Consider When Buying Either?

Whether you’ve decided to purchase a gas or electric oven, some features can make you buy a model or not. Here are some things to consider when buying an oven;

Wall ovens or Free-standing ovens

Freestanding models come in various sizes. They are units that have an oven and stove on top. If your kitchen is small, opt for a freestanding oven. However, if you have a hole for a wall oven, consider it.


You should know how much space your oven will occupy. Standard ovens measure 60cm. But larger models measuring 90cm are available. You can also think of buying a double oven with two separate ovens, alongside each other or on top of the other. If your family is big, or you’ll need to cook meals that require different temperatures, opt for a double oven.

Internal or External Grill

Internal grills are built into the oven, but external grills come as a separate compartment. If space is an issue, consider one with an internal grill. But, if you’re planning to cook different dishes, you’ll need an external grill.

Also, think of the oven’s shelves and doors. It’s better to buy a model with sturdy shelves that don’t sag or slide out. The oven should feature safety stops to prevent shelves from sliding out. Also, look for one with a solid but light and easy-to-operate door.


A gas or electric oven is a great appliance to invest in. But when it comes to choosing between the two, consider your preference, budget, and needs.



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