Getting the right haircut for the summer

Summer is knocking! Are you ready? Something about summer that has us wanting change, from getting the summer body ready to find the right haircut to rock. Picking your summer hairstyle should not only be about the style but also functional. With it sweltering outside, you need a cut that is practical wherever you go to the beach or a dip in the pool to cool off.

Have you given thought to what style you will be rocking for the summer? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Your haircut for the summer does not have to be limiting. As a matter of fact, there is an endless list of hairstyles you can rock this summer, and we will help you out by suggesting a few of our favorites for summer in 2021.

Summer haircuts for the ladies

  1. Bob cut

Bob cuts are a standout and even more so during the summer season. Whether it is rounded, straight or curly, this structured style is perfection. Even with curly hair, you can still work the bob look as long as you have the cutting to a professional. Choose a length that works for you; it could be chin, neck or shoulder length and let the hairdresser work his or her magic.

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  1. Pixie cut

Who said pixie cuts aren’t cool anymore? We don’t just mean this figuratively but literally too. As the temperature cranks up, a freeing cut can help keep you cool. You are in for some versatile looks with a pixie cut because you can style it differently. To give more texture to the hair, you can use pomade while styling.  

  1. Buzzcut

There is no better time than the summer to try out this edgy hairstyle. With this big chop, you get to enjoy not just the style but also practicality. As the temperatures rise, a buzz cut sounds like a great idea to enjoy the summer breeze whenever you can.   

  1. Bangs

As you decide the different hairstyles, we recommend bangs. The beauty of bangs is their versatility, from curly, blunt cut to a side-swept look. Based on the bang-fails going viral on social media, we urge you not to go DIY with bangs. While taking safety precautions, visit your hairdresser because they will know the best hair cutting scissors and also the frame that works your face. The tip is to go longer with the first snip; you can always go shorter with time.


Summer haircuts for men

  1. Short slick back

Summer haircuts have taught us that beating the summer heat and looking good are not mutually exclusive. With the slick back style, you can attain both. You barber can trim the front into a short size that can be slicked back hence the name, while leaving the back short and the sides freshly shaved.

  1. Buzz

Buzz styles have been the go-to style for many during the summer. Even with a buzz, you can still get in some style into your look, a line up at the front with a taper at the back; you will not just have your ordinary buzz look. The blurry finish and the defined geometric lines are just the things to kick off your summer in style. When you look in the mirror, the buzz paired with a line-up, your trip to the barber is worth it.

  1. Skin fade
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Summer is the perfect time in the year to go bold. There is nothing bolder than a skin fade. With the summertime heat, the style will keep you cool and allow you to stand up to the increasing heat. It works with all hair types, which makes it among the easiest techniques to wear. You can ask your barber to add a playful look with a hair design or settle for an undercut for simplicity.

Hair salons and barbershops in many states are reopening, which is great timing for clients ready to get their hair cut for the summer. With these style ideas, you can drop by your stylist and get a new look for the season. When it comes to haircuts, going DIY when you lack haircutting skills can be disastrous. However, we cannot ignore the risk of infection still at large. Chin up because you can still; get your summer cut and stay safe as long as you adhere to the precautions in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

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