How Accurate is Real-Time Transcription?

If you watch shows on TV, movie theaters, and video streaming sites, you are more or less familiar with captions, those lines of text that appear at the lower part of the screen. CART or communication access real-time is like those captions, which are embedded or open captions and closed captions that the viewer can turn on or off.

Usually, you add captions and subtitles after recording the videos. CART adds the text in actual time, while the words are played or spoken. The process needs a trained human CART writer, who uses a keyboard or a stenographic machine to type the text and send it to a mobile device, video screen, or laptop so the user can view the text.

Heightened need

The need for CART transcription services is increasing, as the application opportunities increase and more people benefit from the service.

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CART transcription has a wider service scope because it applies to meetings, church services, seminars, workshops, classrooms, courtrooms, speeches, and other live events. The service meets the compliance requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With CART transcription, people with hearing loss and hearing impairment can access information. It allows them to take part like anyone else.

CART transcription likewise benefits people with good hearing. Some people struggle to understand speeches completely, particularly if the environment is loud or noisy. It is also helpful to people whose primary language is not English. Captions are beneficial to people who understand written information instead of the spoken word. Overall, CART transcription can mean that every person can understand the message in their way and stay engaged.

What type of CART service do you need?

If you are hosting an event that requires a live transcript, you need a CART service. You should discuss what type of event you host that requires live transcription services. You need CART if your event involves using an online or collaboration platform. If you have participants who are physically in the same room, you need a CART transcription service. In some situations, you can opt for remote CART service, such as when using standard conferencing services.

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Determining the accuracy of CART transcription

You need a trained captioner when providing real-time transcription. The captioner must hear the speech clearly to ensure that the caption is accurate, which requires a high-end headset. In real-time captioning, the event does not have written scripts, therefore the captions rely solely on what the captioner hears. 

CART professionals are highly trained individuals. Many of them are experienced stenographers and have exceptional typing skills. Typing speed and accuracy are vital.

Most real-time captioning applications are over 90% accurate, thus the audience can still see occasional errors. The CART writer may hear an unfamiliar work or misunderstand a word. There could be an error in the built-in dictionary of the software.

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Using CART software enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) significantly improves the accuracy of the service. A robust CART software that integrates AI and human intelligence and skills can improve the accuracy of the output. The application can include automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to produce the text automatically. The human writer edits and streams the text in real-time.

AI speech recognition technology makes a big difference in improving the accuracy of CART transcription. Thus, it is vital for CART transcription service providers to use the most robust CART transcription program available.

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