How Can a Part Time Job Affect a High School Students Education

Should students really hold jobs while in high schools? Do the advantages of being employed overweighs its drawbacks?

Part-time employment among high school students has escalated gravely and dramatically in the time span of the last decade, according to recent stats and studies. Nearly 30% of these students are known to be employed and engaged in a job and, this practice has become a norm for a vast majority.

There is a multitude of reasons why they choose to work a job. For some, it is a necessity and a means of providing for their family to support and care for them. For others, however, it is a source they can tap into when they need money for enjoying their social life. But the most widespread motive behind this act is to save up for college, as it does not come cheap. However, aside from the whole earning and saving phase, is being employed as a high school student a good and healthy notion? Read on below to find the answer for yourself!

Part-time job and high school students – the good, and the bad.

Pros of working as a high school student

  1. A majority of high school students are engaged in low-income jobs that require minimal or no education at all. Working at a young age is no easy task and students soon understand how schooling is vital in order for them to make good money.  
  2. Teenagers mostly rely on their parents for money, but when a student steps out and pour in time and energy to earn money, they begin to understand its value.
  3. It stirs up a sense of responsibility within them while teaching them a highly essential skill – time management. Managing a job while studying alongside requires balance, which a student gains as they try to plan and schedule their day effectively. 
  4. It provides guidance on strategic budgeting, which is prime as it helps them understand where to, and where not to spend money. 
  5. It can make a student feel confident and more comfortable in their skin due to the sense of independence they get by earning for themselves. 
  6. It has known to help students steer clear of trouble by reducing the build-up of negative emotions within them.  
  7. Students learn self-reliance and gain an insight into the professional world which is unlike college and universities, where if you find it difficult to complete your academic projects such as dissertation you can easily find the best dissertation help online UK natives are offering. 

Cons of working as a high school student

  1. It can negatively impact academic achievement by reducing the grades secured by students. And sometimes, push students towards availing themselves of professional assignment help online.
  2. It often happens to be that students don’t end up learning any valuable skills that will help them in the long run and aid in the advancement of their careers ahead altogether. 
  3. It can lead to deep-seated and lasting negative views about working in general as a majority of high school students are involved with dull and uninteresting jobs.
  4. Students go significantly short their ‘me-time’ while working and as a result, they find themselves in a catch-22 situation. Though some of them hold the objective of earning money in order to maintain their social life but as seem to be most of the cases, they aren’t left with enough time to socialize. More so, since they have no personal time left, they often end up wandering in search of an adequate ‘write my essay for me cheap UK-based service. 
  5. Fatigue comes naturally when students are bound to work a job and later come home to study as they end up getting a little amount of sleep only. This lack of sleep then in turn leads to an unease state of mind and physical tiredness, which can potentially disrupt one’s overall health and mental well-being. 
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To wrap things up,

The answer to the question that whether being employed while learning is a good thing or not, is not a simple yes or no. However, it would certainly benefit these high school students if educators and administrators put in an effort to understand their situation. They should consider helping them address the challenges associated with coping with both working and studying together and maybe be generous enough to make provisions to make sure that each and every student attains success. 

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