How can You Trace an Anonymous Call?

Spam and scam calls have never been as common as they are today. When a number shows up as “private” or “unknown,” it can be hard to ignore. This is mostly because you can never be sure the call isn’t important. You might be expecting a client to call or waiting to hear from a company where you applied for a really good job. 

What’s even worse is that as the number doesn’t appear, you can’t block it. The good news is that there are ways to rob scammers and spammers of their anonymity. Phone number search starts with several easy tracing methods. 

Why Does a Number Appear as “Private”?  

There are techniques people can use to conceal their numbers so caller ID doesn’t pick them up. Pranksters and telemarketers make calls anonymously using Call Blocking so you can’t see their number. The methods to trace these calls vary in complexity and cost. You can select the one that’s most suitable in your specific case. Whichever method you choose, start by making a log of all the times and dates on which you get calls from private numbers. 

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Call Trace 

The first option is a popular service most phone companies offer. Usually, the calls we get from private numbers are from within our area. Call Trace can help you track such calls from your local area for a small monthly fee. After you get a call that’s “Restricted,” “Private,” or “Unknown,” press *57, and the phone company will get the caller’s details. 

This won’t happen at once, though. After dialing *57, you’ll get a recorded message that contains further instructions. You need to observe these carefully for the trace to work. If you do, you’ll eventually get a confirmation that the trace was successful. You’ll also receive information about any trace charges. These will show up on your next phone bill. Under privacy regulations, you might not get the caller’s personal details, only their number.

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Call Trap

Call Trap is a free but temporary solution. Your phone company can place a trace on your line for a period of up to a few weeks. All incoming calls will be logged. You and your company can cross-reference the details at the end of this period. You’ll see who’s been making the calls from restricted numbers by comparing the two information sets.

Trap Call 

This isn’t the same as Call Trap. It’s actually a monthly subscription plan you can opt to sign up for. When you get a call from a private number, just press End Call or Ignore on your phone to reject the call. Trap Call’s database then gets the number automatically. It’s checked and cross-referenced and the number is identified. You’ll get a message with the caller’s number and the name of the person that number is registered to. 

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When to Involve Law Enforcement 

If you keep getting calls from a number you’ve identified and no longer wish to receive them, this makes you a victim of harassment. Both physical and phone harassment are crimes. Do not tolerate obscene calls or threatening ones. Contact the police after tracing the source. 

If your caller ID identifies the number and caller and you don’t wish to talk to this person, simply don’t take the call, especially if you’re sure they’re contacting you with malicious intent. 

What Does a Successful Trace Include? 

A successful trace will give you the person’s name, number, and address in the best case. If your phone company doesn’t service the number, you’ll only get the number without any extra details. The company’s call ID center will receive the number, address, and name of the person, whose name the phone service contract and respective number are in. 

Be Free of the Nuisance, Once and for All 

For reasons related to privacy and regulations, the phone company might not provide specific details.  If you decide to get the law involved and they send the company a request, court order, or subpoena, they will be forced to release the information.  

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