How Is the Online Gambling Industry Working to Improve Online Safety?

Online gambling has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years. This is partly because of improving casino and mobile tech as well as faster internet access around the world. Although the gambling industry has benefited from advancements in tech that have put it where it is today, the industry is always under threat from cyber threats, fraudulent and malicious actors. Because of this, the industry has put several measures in place to help protect players as well as ensure the safety of their data. Here are a few of them.

Website Security

Websites are the entrance into the online gambling world, and this is why online casinos have put a lot of focus on ensuring they are safe for their players. One way they do this is through encryption. Using SSL encryption, online gambling sites ensure that all the data that is sent between your browser and their servers is encrypted. This ensures that even if the data lands in the wrong hands, it will be unusable. Once you see the locked padlock on your address bar, you can be confident that your data is being transmitted safely.

Payment Security

Payments on online casinos are all about depositing money and withdrawing your winnings. To help make this action safer, players have teamed up with reputable players in the online transaction world. Digital wallets such as Skrill and PayPal have already been verified as safe for players and they take the necessary precautions to protect your data and money. With these wallets, you do not need to give the online gambling site your personal or banking details.

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Increased Use of Blockchain

One area where concern is warranted from players, is in the way casinos handle transactions and how they keep those transactions safe. Many casinos are turning to blockchain to enhance transactional transparency. Because blockchain transactions cannot be copied or deleted, players can be sure that the transactions took place. Because all transaction records are available to everyone in the world, players can view, verify and see that they happened.

The use of blockchain also affords players anonymity. They do not have to enter their personal or banking details, and if a casino does not hold that data, there is no chance that this data will end up in the hands of malicious actors.

A Focus on Transparency

Many online casinos also make information about how they operate as well as how they handle payments. Additionally, they are making data available on which measures they are taking to protect player data. It is easy to find out if a casino encrypts your data and the standards they use to do so.

Casinos are also making information public, such as their licenses and how they are regulated. Licensed casinos that are regulated by a reputable body have measures in place to keep you safe on their platform as a way to stay compliant. Apart from the websites themselves, some review websites will curate and allow you to see all this information in one place. You can see all the available information and learn more – check it out. The linked review website is Online Casinos, and it reviews and curates the data about the UK’s top casinos to help you choose a safe online casino. Apart from licensing and legislation, they also review bonuses, the number and types of games, as well as the RTP for different casinos.

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Implementation of Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of protection to your online accounts by ensuring you need two or more modes of authentication to get into your casino account. By using multi-factor authentication, the gambling industry is ensuring that passwords – which are one of the weakest links in the authentication chain – do not affect your account’s security.

Password-less Logins

As with multi-factor authentication, password-less logins seek to remove the need for passwords. Here, players can log into their accounts using a link or a one-time password. In addition to making gambling safer, password-less logins also improve player satisfaction and retention because the login process is made a lot easier.

The more data an online casino has, the larger the damage that can be done if a malicious actor has access to this data. Because of this, the gambling industry is implementing consent management. Under this new arrangement, players have to consent to giving out their data as well as the types of data that an online casino can collect about them. 

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ID Verification

Identity theft has been a problem for a long time for a lot of casinos. These types of identity theft happen when someone uses your details to sign up for an account or your payment credit card to deposit cash. To help solve this problem, the gambling industry is mandating the use of ID verification.

In most cases, players must provide their ID card, driving licence or other forms of identification before they can open an account or deposit money. ID verification helps protect players, third party actors, as well as casinos. Additionally, ID verification also helps eliminate underage gambling.

Educating Players

The gambling industry does take measures to protect players from malicious actors, but it has also begun educating players on how they can protect themselves. It is now commonplace to see online casinos offering advice about online safety and related topics.

Additionally, the gambling industry is taking measures to protect players from the dangers of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious issue that affects a lot of players. It can lead to mental and financial issues if left unchecked. In addition to offering information about avoiding gambling addiction, many online casinos now provide resources where addicted players can find help as a way to protect the players from themselves. 

Online safety should be everyone’s priority in a world where a lot of people are looking to take advantage of security lapses to do damage. It is good to see the gambling industry taking measures to protect their players.

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