How to test the quality of shilajit at home?

Raw shilajit is a humus, or organic, tar-like substance. The humus, used in Ayurvedic medicine is found along the Himalayas touching India, Nepal, Pakistan and Russia. Ancient Indian wisdom says that these substances contain the highest properties of fulvic acid, humic acids, and trace minerals that are known to humans for a long time. Because there are very few government regulations on the sale of organic products, it is difficult to know if raw Shilajit is original. The Shilajit purity test is one way to know for sure if Shilajit is authentic.

Shilajit has been used for thousands of years in traditional medical systems in North Indian regions. Authentic Shilajit comes from the Altai Mountains of the Himalayas. It is extremely complex in its composition, contains many natural compounds used to treat various mental and physical ailments. It is believed to have many health benefits such as physical strengthening, anti-aging, stabilizing blood sugar, libido, wound healing, enhanced brain function, immune system support, arthritis management, hypertension, and obesity.

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This high-quality Shilajit is naturally cleaned according to traditional Tibetan techniques. It is a product of Fair Trade, by villagers who have worked in the extraction of pure Shilajit for many generations. After that Shilajit is taken to the laboratories where its quality is checked with some scientific methods. But there are many other purity tests are available for Shilajit, which can be performed at your home.

Here are some purity tests for Shilajit that you can try in your home

#1. Shilajit shines with a waxy tint when broken into pieces and the corners of shilajit have sharp edges as well. It is a stone by the way so that it contains crumbling properties but due to its low melting point, it starts getting soft with the rise of temperature. 


#2. Dissolve a little fraction of the Shilajit in lukewarm water and stir it for a while– the color of the water will start turning into the yellowish-brown color like brewed coffee. If you taste the shilajit then you will find it bitter. It is highly soluble in water and leaves no traces behind. 

You can test it by yourself at the home by dissolving a little amount of shilajit into a transparent glass. If no crude is left behind then your shilajit is pure.

#3. Authentic Shilajit is highly pliable. Just take a little piece of Shilajit in your palm and wait for some seconds, due to its low melting point, it will start melting even with your body heat and a red stain will be left on your palm. 

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#4. There is another test that we can perform at home to identify the quality of shilajit. Just take a glass of water and dissolve a little amount of shilajit in it. Remember the color of the water. Now take a pinch of baking soda and mix in the solution. If the shilajit is original the color won’t  change. 

#5. Last but not the least, always remember that pure and genuine shilajit resin doesn’t dissolve in vegetable oil. If it does, then the Shilajit is probably adulterated. 

So, now you know how to check the purity of the Shilajit. You can avoid the frauds and scams of selling the adulterated Shilajit in the name of authentic shilajit resin.

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