Key Broke in the Keyhole! What to Do?

Let us be real, anyone can land in this unfortunate and out of the blue situation. If ever by any chance, the key breaks in the keyhole, do not panic. You have to be very proactive and mindful in such situations. It can happen if you have rotated the key a bit fast. This can also happen if the key is old and has become brittle over time. Might also happen if there is less friction in the key hole. Whatever the reason be, you need to have the integral knowledge to manage this situation. 

This article tells you everything that you need to know about this unexpected scenario. 

What to do?

We understand such situations can be stressful. The first thing you need to do is to stay calm and take a good deep breath. Now, you are in the perfect position to make an effort.Now, you can brainstorm. 

Call a Locksmith! 

To be honest, the smart and rational thing to do is to connect with a professional locksmith. It is the safest and quickest way to deal with this scenario. Locksmiths have all the essential tools and expertise to manage it. They can safely take the broken key out of the key hole. Moreover, they can also provide a brand new key for the lock. 

Many locksmith services work round the clock. In addition, they can work on any damage occurred to the lock system. This is the most reliable way to cope with a broken key situation. As it saves time and money. It is good if you are in a hurry or your car keys are involved. A smarter thing to do is to always have a few trusted locksmith services’ contact and access. 

Use a Broken Key Extractor 

Today, we have convenience tools for everything. For a key breakage in the keyhole, there is a broken key extractor available in the market. It is affordable and portable. You can keep it in your garage or toolbox. This is a professional solution, which can take any broken key out of the keyhole with hooks. After that, you can use a spare key for usage. 

Use a Tweezers 

This internet hack actually works. In most cases, the key breaks from the holder and the key edge is sticking out of the keyhole. You can easily pull out the key with a tweezer. A little bit of key lubricant can facilitate the process. Just grip the broken key with a tweezer, twist a bit and take it out. 

How to Prevent Key Breakage Situations?

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This is for the people who can take an extra mile to prevent such scenarios. 

Regular Maintenance 

As they say, better prepare than be sorry. One must always have a regular lock system and key maintenance. Literally, you can save a lot. Have a good and credible locksmith service and get regular maintenance checks. A locksmith service can check for potential problems. Moreover, they can assess the function. If your key is getting old, they will know it and replace it for you. In addition, they can lubricate the keyhole as well. They can evaluate the whole system by opening the mechanism. 

Keep Spare Keys 

In case you manage to get the broken key out, you need to have a spare key. Having a set of master keys or spare keys for all your keyholes can save you a lot. 

This is your complete guide for a key breakage in the keyhole. One must have this crucial knowledge to perfectly manage this scenario. Make sure your lock security is maintained after the process. 

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