Key Challenges a New Application Developer Faces

Building an app is fast becoming the latest craze, but like all trends, as the initial rush wears off, it’s all about survival of the fittest. So, if you are one of those who is aiming to participate in it for the long term, there are certain challenges that you will have to face at some point in the development process of your application. It is important as an app developers to start your journey well prepared. Here is a list of seven key challenges that you should prepare for and have a practical set of solutions up front.

An app that Stands Out

This is a time when the market is flooded with a wealth of content in terms of app development and app stores are about to burst with one app after the other finds its way onto the platform. In this uproar of a thousand things we’re exposed to, it’s important that as an app developer you come up with a unique idea. A run of the factory idea would generate a run of the factory application and it is difficult for such an application to stand the test of time.

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To prevent this from happening, it is important to evaluate the idea. Take a close look at the target market, the problem you are trying to address, the solutions provided, the existing versions, the competitors, the price, most importantly, what this application will offer that no one else offers.

Cross Platform Adaptability

The days of sticking to standard device size and configuration are long gone as consumers are using a wide variety of devices with different screen sizes, operating systems, various built-in technologies, pixel intensities, and more. It’s not really a great idea to design and develop an app that works only on the latest platform; you need to have the ability to transcend across as many devices and settings as possible.

To address this particular challenge, it is a good idea to think about and come up with a responsive design that can give the screen more liquidity and therefore can be adjusted according to the format and size of the screens. It is recommended to have a test phase marked to rule out technical operational problems and it is recommended to launch a beta version of the application once the test is finished.

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Keeping it Simple

One of the overlooked challenges is keeping the entire application simple. It’s overlooked because it’s so basic that we as developers might end up taking it for granted. An application does not need to make the user think; the interaction or navigation in the application must be natural. Essentially, the application must be self-explanatory to be considered good. 

The most effective way to avoid this danger is by keeping the application simple and clear. A neat structure, a short summary of the application, tutorials, etc. 

Creating an Interactive Application

While responsive design is important to the cross-platform operation of the app, user interactions are just as important. New age mobile devices are loaded with a host of sensors that open up a wide range of opportunities for application developers. However, it should be noted that creating interactions is a time consuming and challenging process that could prolong the entire design process.

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It’s a good idea to have a well-structured plan for the interactions you want to include well in advance of the design phase, in the interest of saving crucial time during the design phase. Explore options other than touch and slide, consider including tilts, shakes, flips, etc. to make interactions more engaging.

Smart Marketing or Promotion

Application developers have started to worry about promoting their applications as promoting an application comes to the fore as a difficult challenge. Bringing your application to market includes a number of challenges including but not limited to stiff competition, tight deadlines, and a lack of proper platforms. It is these challenges that force developers to push the promotional or marketing aspect of the application with a priority.

Even if your application is the best thing that can happen since sliced bread, it won’t do you any good until you expose it to the right audience. It is good to take the help of various applications available for the purpose or even better to seek professionals who can market your application with their experience and ability.

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