Koo founder refutes data leak, terms it to be users’ voluntary act

Indian microblogging platform Koo which has been charged of leaking the data of its users online has come up with its own justification. In an official statement, the company has denied about data leak in any manner, as it  clarified about how the users have voluntary shared the data. Hence, it can’t in any way come under the category of data leak. 

The news gains significance after the screenshots which were shared by ethical hacker Elliot Alderson and subsequently he has charged the company with something very serious and objectionable. He said that Koo is leaking the personal information of its users in terms of birth date, e-mail ID, gender, name along with marital status has been shared. 

The issue gains limelight considering the serious allegations leveled by a renowned personality. Hence, it necessitated the app founder of Koo Aprameya Radhakrishna to write a tweet. This has forced the man to clear the air of doubt and controversy. In the tweet he said, that the data which is visible is done by the users and that too voluntarily as it is showing on their respective profiles of Koo. Hence,  it can’t be regarded as a data leak. He further added, that as the user visits the profile, he can actually check it himself as well. 

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He further issues a clarification that whopping 95% of Koo users login to their respective accounts with the use of mobile phone number. There are different users who prefer to use the phone number for login purpose. The feature of email login has been recently introduced. Since, the concerns have been recently raised, so proper steps have already been taken, where it is blocked for anyone to view the email of any other user. 

Koo is an app which has got the tag of being ‘Made in India’ app. Many are already viewing it as an alternative of twitter.

Its founder is Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatk. One can download it from iOs and Android devices. The popularity of the app has been tremendous in the past few weeks as it has rightly gained much ground in the hearts of users. The most obvious proof of the app has been that it has reached whopping 1 million users on Google Play Store and as far as its position in App store is concerned, it has managed to reach fourth place. 

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Considering its continuous and marvelous popularity where users are showering lots of love for the app, any adverse news can potentially bring lots of negativity for it. Let’s not forget that the data leak is a highly sensitive and important issue and users can’t afford to lose their sensitive information or they in any way can’t afford to lose their personal information for the world to check and take note off. Hence, in such a scenario, Koo has to be in a highly alert mode by creating a positive and conducive situation for itself, so that it doesn’t have to face any negativity in the long run. 

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