Massive increase in viewing online content during March last year due to lockdown

NewsDio Desk : There has been an increase in the consumption on Indian over-the-top (OTT) platforms when considering the lockdown month of March, 2020 with respect to the same month, an year before. 

There has been an unimaginable spurt at which people played games online or referred to entertaining aspects be it movies, daily soaps etc . Hence, more people were dependent on smartphones as per the report by MICA Ahmedabad which collaborated with Communication crafts (A startup which is based in Ahmedabad)

The sheer increase in the way gaming consumption has seen a sudden increase can be gauged from the fact that from 42 billion minutes it increased to 63 billion minutes for the same period that is for March, 2020. The strength is relatable given the extent of free time, which people had and they naturally made the best use of those phase, through watching content online. 

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If considering about the number of hours, people depend on smartphones, then during the phase of Covid 19, people used their smartphones for 3 hours 54 minutes, as compared to 3 hours, 22 minutes  during the phase which was earlier to Covid 19. 

People have more time to refer online sites, and they took no time towards connecting digitally as the strength of people moved up by 19% which amounted to 5,677 million in March 2020, as compared to only 3,435 million in March, an year before. 

Thanks to the growing use of smartphones in the current era, it is also suggested that due to the pace at which it is growing, it is expected that 925 million people will be having smartphones by  2023. 

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While everything increased in leaps and bounds, and so is the consumption of porn as well as 33% more Indians looked at it, during the period of lockdown, which suggests an increase of whopping 10.5% in the global world. 

Although, males constituted a big part of the porn, there was a sizeable population of women as well, who referred the same too.  The report also revealed that Indians were found of watching comedy shows, and this aspect seems to be  a healthy sign, given the fact that life is already so tensed and people do get some time or the other to refer those shows and gain enjoyment in the process. 

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YouTube remained to be high consumption platform, followed by MX player and then the third position was taken by Hotstar and subsequently, there were other streaming giants in the form of Netflix as well as Amazon Prime video who made their effective presence.  The strength of men naturally remained to be the highest for the OTT platforms. Talking about Netflix and Amazon prime, the strength of women were half as compared to their male counterparts. 

It is true that viewers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities are creating a direct influence on the growth of OTT in India and it is all set to grow bigger with the passing of time. 

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