Netflix tightens its noose on password sharing, conducts a test

NewsDio Desk : The things which were overlooked or sidelines for a big chnk of time may not contiue that way.

Yes, we are talkig about how Netflix has never made a big fuss about password sharing, however, the times are different for them as they are reconsidering the same.

Yes, the new test is specially being conducted to keep a strict vigil and to possibly crackdown on those who are sharing the password. 

As per the new policy of Netfllix which it has come up with customer, it is asking for specific people to sign up with a separate account,  if in the event, they aren’t watching with the subsriber.

The message has made it quite clear for the those who don;t  live wirth the owner of the account, and that has made it necesaruy and important for them to have their own specific account, if they continue to watch. 

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This is in direct relatiion to the seriousnes which it has shown now, owing to the  lackadasical attitude which Netflix has shown in the past. 

As per the version of the spokeman, Netflix conducts ‘hunreds’  of tests every year and it includes selected customers, for carring out its operartion. 

The test is mainly seen as a way to bring more transaparency to the overall functioining of the acount so that only authorisaed people are able to carry on the pperations. 

It is also bekleived that the test may not be concentrating  itself towards speciially doiing a crackdown around password sharing. However, the main focus of the authrotiries it to enhance the aspect of account security along with passwod sharingh. 

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As per the research firm Magid, atleast 33% of Netflix users  are inthe practise of sharing their password with minimum of one partner.

The basic plan of Netflix costs around $8.88 monthly while for the standard plan you have to pay slightly more at $13.99 monthy. Thanks to this plan , users are abe to watch on dual screen right at the same time. 

It is true, that if one take a look at the past,Netflix  has never been too bothered about the practise of password sharing. The reason attributed by many is the high registyreation of subsribers which seem to have dawrfed any other concern. 

The kind of huge success when it has been generation over the years didn;t seem to bother  them at all. Likewise, talking abot the announcement when Netflix has made tis year, about the fact that it has attained a top position thanks to 200 million global subsribers which he has gained. 

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However, when considering the aspect of shares, the news seem to be contrary as its shares have underperformed the S&P 500, since investors have showed reluctance and they key themsevles away from growth stocks. 

It seems, that Netflix has to strategize a bit more in terms f enancing the security aspect while giving new reasons for the people to be associated with their services. Since, competitive is certainly quite intense, and it has to be on its toes

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