Oppo introduces fast charging tech to cars, mobile accessories

Oppo is in the forefront of strategizing itself by aiming to make the Smartphone technologies sophisticated. On the same lines, one of the prominent landmarks which the renowned entity has achieved is in the form of VOOC fast charging. This facility actually enables to top a battery up in as less as 20 minutes. The latest edition to its continuous efforts of making the technology better and advanced can be gauged from the same. 

Oppo has also widened its base of service under an initiative which is referred as The Flash Initiative. 

While announcing the same in Shanghai, Oppo is determined to reach increasing numbers of people with the said technology. 

The most prominent sector which Oppo is going to address instantly is the automobiles as well as charging accessories. 

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In order to make it a reality, Oppo is partnering with Anker and FAW-Volkswagen. It is basically a joint venture between FAW Group and Volkswagen ensuring the sales of their cars in China.

The overall joint operation extends the services of VOOC flash charging technology on the products of the above two mentioned companies currently for the market of China. 

The best mechanism which Oppo has devised and designed is through deploying the charging technology on the public places which makes it convenient for the users to use the same.
However, there is yet to be confirmation about the tentative date for the initiative to be practically implemented. 

As per Oppo, the partners are going to use the technical designs which are built by Oppo as it obviously signifies the implementation of fast charging technology. The partners will be given certificate by the China Telecommunication Technology after being tested. Anker will widen the base of the technology towards the mobile accessories where on the other hand FAW-Volkswagen is going to enable the operations on the Volkswagen cars.  However, there is yet to gather confirmation regarding the fact whether Audi cars will be implementing the said technology. 

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Additionally, NXP semiconductors will use the technology on smart and connected devices as it will ensure easing as well as systematically enhancing the operations concerning with building smart cities as well as registering industrial infrastructure, smart homes etc.

The VOOC charging solution is present on Oppo phones for a considerable amount of time now. As after the introduction in 2014, according to Oppo, over 30 Smartphone models have been using the said technology and they have delivered ultra fast charging experience extending to over 175 million users in various nook and corner of the globe.

Last year Oppo held a demonstration about its awesome and ultra fast charging solutions meant for Smartphone which is referred as Flash Charge. It makes the use of 125W output power towards charging phones and based on the extra fast charging capacity; it takes just 20 minutes to fill as 4000mAh battery. 

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Everyone is excited to use the technology as considering the fast paced world, the technology is rightly going to make it easy for people to charge the concerning products. 

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