Over 4 million wireless subscribers added by Airtel in December surpasses Jio

There is a good news coming for Airtel who has added a whopping base of 4.05 million wireless subscribers surpassing Jio for the month of December, 2020. Hence, if considered about the monthly subscribers, Airtel has retained the top position. The official data provided by TRAI shows that Jio could only add 479,000 wireless subscribers for the said month.

The news gains significance as of late, there has been quite a lot of networking related issues which are faced by the Jio users. Hence, there has been a shift for users who are now showing interest to the service of Airtel and likewise, this becomes quite a great opportunity for them, to welcome the subscribers without being complacent in any manner. Likewise, it also increases the reponsibility for Airtel to constantly be responsible and dutiful in the approach as increasing subscribers mean that it has to increase its responsibility by making strategies of giving the best services to every single user. 

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Both the companies are in direct competition as Jio was on top in the month of November, last year.

Well, Airtel has been in the continuous process of adding users consistently with respect to any other telecom provider. So, the total wireless subscribers for Airtel stands at 338.7 million, as per the data coming out of December, 31st last year.

The users have shown a lot of faith in Airtel which is certainly a commendable news and as the subscribers are increasing, it holds quite a positive future for them. Airtel has certainly been jostling to come up with the expectations of users of late. The results are quite noteworthy to say the least. 

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Airtel has reported an increase in the market share from 28.97 percent to 29.36 percent. Although, with respect to subscribers, Jio was way behind since it has 478,917 which were added in December. But when the overall market share is considered, then it still holds the maximum market share at 35.43 percent which reported of a slight increase with respect to the month of November, 2020 at 35.34 percent. 

It is always good to ensure a healthy competition and both the companies are head to head over past several months. This necessities the respective companies to be better in terms of services where the users are at advantage as they get the best service at reasonable price. 

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While on the other hand, the performance of BSNL and Vi have been quite poor. The former lost 252,501 subscribers, while the latter lost much more at over 5.69 million.

Over the years, we know that BSNL isn’t able to keep itself up to date and the performance seems to be deteriorating over time. While it is clear, that the news is quite shocking to the Government telecom providing company which was once the most obvious and preferred telecom company. However, over the years, it has failed to live up to the expectations of the users who have switched to various others companies. 

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