Pros & Cons of Wearing a Wig (how to tackle the cons)

The idea of wearing a wig might be a little problematic for some. Although people have come a long way from when wearing a wig was considered to be a taboo to now, when wigs and hair extensions are pretty common. Wearing a wig is totally cool if you know what type, colour and style will suit you. Also, if you are planning to buy a wig, you should also consider its quality. You can get cheap wigs easily from local stores that have wigs for sale for around 10-20$. But you should always inspect the quality instead of buying one at a low price. Not only a low-quality wig can make you uncomfortable when you are wearing it, but it can also affect your natural hair if you are using it as a hair extension. 

There are two most common types of wigs, Synthetic wigs and Human Hair wigs. Although there is a third type that is pretty much the blend of these two types, it is still not much popular yet and also quite expensive. Human Hair wigs are usually considered to be more natural and textured in look, while the synthetic wigs have the advantage of weather resistance. Popular brands like UNICE offer a wide variety of wigs for sale from which you can easily choose from, depending on your personal taste. 

However, when buying a wig, one should always consider the pros and cons of wearing a wig. Here, we will mention some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of wearing a wig, and we will also discuss how you can tackle the cons.


  • The Wide Variety
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There is a large variety of wigs available in the market. From curly, straight to thin, thick and many other styles. These wigs come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a full wig or get an HD lace wig, front lace wigs or headband wigs; there is a broad library for you to choose from. Moreover, if you select a human hair wig, you can later restyle it easily so that you don’t get bored of wearing the same style again and again. Thanks to companies like UNICE for providing a number of options, if you plan to buy a wig, you would not have to worry about not finding a particular style.

  • Natural Look

As mentioned before, the human hair wigs are known for their natural look, but even a high-quality synthetic wig can also provide a natural look. You can also blend the hair extensions like HD lace wig with your natural hair to give it a textured look. 

  • Durable

If you buy a good quality wig, it can last you 3-4 times longer than an ordinary wig. This is one of the main reasons why people choose a wig or a hair extension because spending one time on a quality wig can get you through a long time. A human hair wig is considered to be 1-2 times more durable than a synthetic wig, but if you know how to take care of a wig, it can last longer regardless of its type.

  • Cover Hair Defects

If you want to buy a wig only to cover your defects, it is a good choice. However, it would be best to go for a hair extension instead of a complete hair wig. Hair extensions like the HD lace wig, Headband wigs or front lace wigs can cover your defects while also giving you a textured look.

  • Can be Customized
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A human hair wig can be completely customized to your preferences. A synthetic wig, however, has its limitations. It can be styled in a different way, but you can not change its style completely. Although wigs are available in a variety of colours such as blonde wigs, black or brunette, many wigs also have the option that you can recolour them later. 

  • Easy to Wear

The Newer style wigs are easy to wear, once you understand how to apply them. They don’t follow the traditional methods of wearing a wig like using glue. After wearing them a couple of times, you will also feel easier and more comfortable to manage them. 


  • Uncomfortable

If you are new to wearing wigs, you might feel a little uncomfortable. Many wigs get warm due to the hot weather in the Summer. However, there are wigs that are weather-proof and do not get hot or dry regardless of the weather. 

Low-quality wigs can also make you feel heavy or sweaty. That is why it is recommended to buy a good-quality wig because it comes with many options like airflow. Due to this, you will not feel sweaty when wearing a wig as it will let the necessary amount of air to pass through. Also, lace wigs or headband wigs are a good choice as they are made with laces and headbands, which makes the wig very comfortable to wear. There is a type of synthetic wig, called “heat-friendly Synthetic Wig.”. It provides complete weather resistance, and these wigs can take an amount of heat without making the wearer uncomfortable. 

  • Maintenance
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The wigs are usually durable, but it requires proper maintenance. People often get confused at the idea of maintenance as they think it will be more costly.

But taking care of a wig is actually very easy. It only requires a simple washing with a shampoo and conditioner. If you have a good quality wig, then you don’t have to wash it regularly. Just wash it after 6-8 wears, and it will last very long. A human hair wig is even easier to maintain as you just have to take care of it like you would take care of your natural hair. Another thing to keep in mind is not to use heating tools. Using them sometimes can be OK, but you can permanently damage your wig if you overuse them.

  • Expensive

Another thing people are often confronted by when planning to buy a wig is its price. It is a misconception that only a very expensive wig can provide you with the natural look.

There are many options in the market that allows you to have a natural and textural look wig without spending too much money. While a human hair wig does provide a realistic look, high-quality synthetic wigs can also give you that and at a way lower price than a human hair wig. 

If you want to buy wigs at a lower price range, then check out Unice. They provide a number of variety of wigs at reasonable prices.

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