Some Design Tips and Tricks for Attractive and Functional Car Magnets

To add an element of charm to your vehicle, you can think of custom car magnets for your car truck, SUV, etc. You may add your business logo, custom text, image, graphics, or anything you like to make it as artwork and display on your vehicle body. Now you also can custom order car magnets online and done through various car styling shops.

However, before placing your order for a car magnet, it is suggested to ensure that the portion of the vehicle you want to fit it on is made of metal and that the magnet can be the right fit to the dimensions of that specific area. Some vehicle manufacturers may substitute steel with aluminium or lightweight fibre or plastic materials for doors and other areas. As everyone knows, magnets will not stick on these materials.

Some other issues may also arise while installing custom car magnets like the aftermarket fibreglass replacement parts and some of the body parts, which cannot be an ideal destination for your magnets. To know this, you may first do a test drive with a lightweight refrigerator magnet before ordering car magnets.

Applying car magnets

To apply car magnets, it is important to clean the surface first. Mild soap or cleaning solution can be applied onto the surface and to the magnet’s backside. As a magnet may be exposed to a heavy amount of sun’s heat, the wax coating can also be applied to help prevent any damage from exposure to environmental elements, water seepage, or other chemicals.

Steps involved in car magnet application

If you have cleaned the area for applying the magnet and put wax on to the magnet’s surface and back, you can carefully fix the car magnet in place. Let the magnetic force do the work. If it is misaligned, then slowly peel off and repeat the application process. Do not slide the magnet over the surface for proper positioning. Any dust trapped underneath the magnet may damage the vehicle surface coating if you slide it over the body.

Also, make sure the magnet is smooth against the body of your vehicle and there are no trapped air bubbles underneath. Some special surfaces on your car or truck may require special attention while applying custom magnets to those areas. The surfaces which may contain some factory fitted decals, moulded body panels, thin strips may cause separation between the magnet and the surface. Such separation may be enough for air to flow under the magnet and peel it off while you drive on the road.

Once applying the magnet, you also need to ensure proper maintenance and long-term care to ensure longevity. Always remove the car magnets before your vehicle is undergoing an automatic car wash or other through cleansing. Most car washers may use some types of chemicals, which may cause damage to the car magnet. This is also true during the winter months where the decals and car magnets need some extra care. You may also remove the magnet for such vehicles once in a while and then stick it back on after some time.

All these measures will keep the magnet safe and good-looking for long and also keep it out of getting any moisture gathered between the car and the magnet and cause damage.

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