SpaceX launch schedule 2021

Newsdio Desk : SpaceX’s SN8 prototype was a success as it was denoted by a thundering explosion in December as many of you would have remembered the visuals clearly. That was a step for SpaceX in the line up towards success as an ambitious project dedicated to developing a sophisticated spacecraft which can get to orbit and finally to Mars. 

SpaceX has become a defining factor for those who are eyeing towards a vision which is based on making further in-roads in the International Space Station. Likewise, based on the same aspect a four member astronaut team went ahead towards making a flight to the International Space Station on Friday, 23rd April, 2021. 

The spacecraft gives an idea about how recycling things can turn to your advantage. One can refer to it as an enhanced version as the rocket booster was the result of a recycling procedure which the previous spaceflight had undergone. The Kennedy Space Center in Florida became a proud witness to the ‘Endeavour’ which barged into the darkness of the sky as a pre-dawn exercise atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The thunderous and loudness of the Merlin engines enthralled the audience as it roared into the sky at 5:49 a.m. The whole exercise was aired from Cape Canaveral on NASA TV

Is NASA going to the moon in 2021?

NASA is making plans which will strategically lead to the mission on the moon. Since, it is a time taking process, so it won’t happen in 2021, but one thing is for sure that the space agency has started planning for the same. Since, it is going to launch Artemis I in 2021. The main reason behind the launch is to clear the path while ensuring that the hurdles and associated obstacles are known before the big launch of aircraft to the moon. It is making efforts to launch both Artemis I and Orion spacecraft together.  This is part of a bigger plan to ensure that as the space agency decides to land astronauts on the Moon as part of the Artemis III mission. It is expected to take a year later. 

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Has anyone died in Space?

It is true that bigger the adventure, greater is the risk associated with the same. The same holds true for the astronauts who happen to go on space for a mission, which is both challenging and adventurous. Considering the high degree of challenges which are accompanied with the profession, there have been various deaths which have thrown open the most fearful part of the same. For example, as per the data, in 2020, 15 astronauts have lost their lives while there has been an additional 4 cosmonaut fatalities. These deaths have been registered during spaceflight, while there have been many fatalities during the training mission for space. One of the prominent deaths which have been marked in history is during the Apollo 1 launch pad fire. The fearful and challenging phase could be seen in the way, where it has killed all the three members of crew. 

Due to the lurking dangers, one has to always be careful and cautious not just during astronaut related missions, but there have also been deaths during activities relating with spaceflight. It can be said that space related activities are for those who have hunger and energy to do something big and have always been inspired with the functioning of space.

Why did we stop going to the moon?

The year 1969 will be written in history as the one where humans have successfully landed on the Moon. It was a historic moment, since it has never happened before as the Apollo 11 mission became a successful venture. However, after the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, there has been a big stop by spacecraft to the moon. 

The Apollo 11 mission was a legendary one which has spoken about the highly developed engineering and exercise. The world stood in pleasant surprise at the historical moment through the TV channels. Besides Apollo 11, there were six additional trips which were undertaken to the Moon. While five made a successful landing process and the total number of humans landing on the moon out of all the missions were 12. However, later on they were cancelled. 

It is true that the aspect of money is highly relevant and important for undertaking big projects. Likewise, when it comes to even bigger, massive and very extraordinary projects like undertaking the mission on moon, then the aspect of financial security becomes even more important, considering the risks associated with it. Since, there is a huge danger to the safety and security of the spacecraft which already demands huge investments. For this very reason, in 1970, the news about the cancellation of Apollo missions came to the fore, where Apollo 17 was proven to be the last manned mission which went to the Moon. The cancellation is not for a specific amount of time, and it certainly relates to an indefinite period. Expectedly, as per the official statement, it was told that shortage of money was the reason for discontinuation. Since, the cost incurred on the moon related expedition is phenomenal. 

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Is the flag still on the moon?

One of the most searched queries online from space lovers is that they wanted to enquire whether the flags still unfurl on the moon or not. Well, the answer to the same lies with the photographs derived from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) which gave indication about the existence of the flag during the Apollo 12, Apollo 16 as well as Apollo 17 missions. The entire three Apollo missions witnessed planting of an American flag on the soil. Hence, during these three missions we were able to ascertain the existence of the flag as per the data retrieved in 2012. 

If one takes a closer look at the photos derived from LRO, then the shadows of the flag can be clearly visible with the exception of the one planted at the time of Apollo 11 mission. The reason for the lack of shadow was that the engine accidentally knocked off the flag while it was preparing to lift off during the Apollo 11 mission. The shadows emanating from the flags during other Apollo missions have been well authenticated and documented by the researchers. As they have closely examined the photos where they have found the shadows encircling the points where the planting of photos were actually perceived to be. 

Who owns the moon?

Well, the moon can be viewed by everyone and considering the beauty of moon-lit nights one can experience the sparkle in the night sky. However, with regards to the most important query regarding the ownership of the moon, in simpler terms if anyone can claim to be an owner of the moon, then the same has been well defined and demarcated through the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. The treaty says in order to keep the interest of mankind intact, anyone can freely explore space and use it for research purposes. The same has been well explained for different countries of the world. Therefore, the treaty categorically explains that irrespective of the country astronauts belong to, they can plant the flags as there is no limitation. Since, no specific country can own the moon. 

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Likewise, specifying about the countries which have entered into the treaty, 109 nations have signed up for the same, as of 2019. While another 23 have given their agreement towards the same, but they are yet to be given due recognition. 

The Outer Space Treaty speaks about the list of principles specifying the Do’s and Don’ts for the nation with regards to carrying out the activities in space. The treaty also includes planets along with celestial bodies. The treaty has existed since 1967, when it was enacted during the Space Race by the USA, UK along with Soviet Union. Therefore, it became an important; basis and highly defining moment as it has thrown open the list of activities along with clear guidelines to be carried out in space by the respective countries in space. 

Did China make it to the moon?

Yes, China is also one of the lucky countries to have allotted a specific budget and manpower towards exploring space related activities. As per the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program which is also referred as Chang’e Project and has to its credit as being the third successful moon landing exercise. The country has sent a robotic spacecraft to the moon. The idea behind sending the spacecraft was to examine the moon samples to Earth. Chang’e-4 became the first one to land on the moon from Earth. It seems that China is well on its way to explore space, with its in-depth research and studies as over the next ten years, China is expected to send at least three more Chang’s moon landers. The idea behind sending several spacecraft is for a mission which is accompanied with a far sighted approach and a vision that is to create a moon base for astronauts in the 2030s. 

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