Spotify widens its base, adds 12 new Indian languages in its mobile app

NewsDio Desk : The popular music streaming company namely Spotify has made an announcement of including 36 languages globally with the aim to widen its base. Taking view in the Indian context, there are going to be 12 languages which will be included. 

The languages which will mark as entry in the Spotify section are Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali

Based on the step which the streaming platform has taken over the recent years, it has already included whopping 62 languages in the global arena. 

The move is certainly seen as a mark of taking care about people who hails from diverse background and knows only their native language.

The representatives of Spotify have told that the company has found India to be a flourishing market and it is going to concentrate to the needs and aspirations of people. Likewise, Spotify will take in consideration the “Sound Up” initiative which is going to showcase underrepresented podcasters. 

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In one of the virtual events which have taken place last month, Spotify told that it is going to make its presence felt to a billion people very soon. The event was basically a part of detailed and thought process strategy with an aim to popularize the music streaming company reach nook and corner of the world. It is eyeing towards reaching 80 new markets in the global world which necessitate the company to make use of more content for both the global as well as the local audience. 

The move is rightly going to create a unique identification for the company which is slowly consolidating its bases in various traditionally rich regional areas in the country and the world. In the coming days and weeks more of regional language centric music is going to hit the market in the languages such as Bengali, Bhojpuri as well as Kannada. There is also the announcement where it is going to launch the next set of podcasts in India. 

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The steps in the Indian context have been taken after the company has realized the kind of exceptional growth which they can register by taking the necessary steps. Amarjit Singh who is the spotify managing direction has told about how the company in 2020, has been making plans to hit the regional market  sections while improving communication, content as well as curation. if you need promotion on Spotify then Don’t forget to purchase plays for Spotify.

Spotify has been streaming in more than 3,000 cities in India. 

The company has been greatly classifying itself as the one which provides the best of audio contents for the users in the world, including India. 

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Hence, the company with an aim of giving high end user experience has percolated its services to users, irrespective of the demographic location they currently are. 

The current announcement will go deeper by enhancing the local users with awesome experience while listeners will get new platform of gaining excess to quality music. Thanks to spotify which is going to unfold the rich experience of native tongue. 

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