Studying Online During the Pandemic | Time Management Tips for Students

College life during the Covid-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for students. With so much going on and given the uncertainties that exist, it is easy to feel besieged at the moment. The world we live in today is a weirder place than typical, and each of us has to make modifications. Whether you are learning online or are enrolled in the traditional classroom, managing time is more crucial than ever before. Here are some tips on how you can bring you’re A-game to your studies. 

  • Audit Your Typical Day 

Before you can perfect your organization skills, you should track precisely how you spend your minutes. This way, you will be in a better position to identify and eliminate time-wasters. Whenever you need to create more time for your studies, audit your timetable and reprioritize. 

  • Plan Well and Write Things Down 

Effective planning is a crucial component of a successful organization. Managing time means reviewing your responsibilities and noting how and when they should be accomplished. Also, learn to write down assignments and when they are due. Writing down can be in the form of note-taking or using planners available on phones and tablets. When your professor issues a capstone paper assignment, record the information, including what is needed to accomplish the task.  

  • Create Checklists
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Having a comprehensive checklist can allow you to monitor your progress on projects. Break down larger goals and complicated tasks and break them down into smaller chunks. Also, ascertain to note down all the steps required to complete each assignment. When you have a readable and precise list of the stages, you need to complete each day, and monitoring progress will be relatively easy. Check off the tasks you complete and review your targets as you proceed. 

  • Set Your Priorities 

You will likely have multiple complete tasks to complete within a short span. Of course, not everything will be essential and urgent. Assigning priority levels to projects allows you to determine which ones require your immediate attention. Assignments that have urgent due dates should be completed first. 

  • Avoid Distractions 

If you wish to study and work effectively, you need to identify and eliminate distractions. Social media platforms can be particularly distracting. As such, it may be helpful if you keep your phone away when studying. 

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Also, choose a quiet study space where you will not be disturbed by friends or family. Distraction can result in inefficient use of time. Finding the best place to focus on your projects increases your productivity. It also permits you to utilize time more efficiently. 

  • Plan for Regular Breaks 

While it is essential to line up your assignments according to significance, don’t forget to schedule short breaks. Given the hectic nature of college life and the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, you may be tempted to take on too much. Ensure that you schedule periods for resting and taking care of non-academic duties. Maybe you have family or work responsibilities that require your attention, or perhaps you take part in sporting or club activities. Besides these working breaks, you also need to schedule space for relaxing and recharging. 

  • Make Good Use of Apps 

Although technology is often seen as a distraction for students, it can also play a major part in managing time. There are many apps available that can support students during study time. You can set reminders with a suitable timer and know when necessary tests are due. Some apps remind you how long you ought to work on a task and reduce distractions.

  • Be Methodical and Follow a Diligent Approach 
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We are presently facing numerous challenges due to the pandemic, most of which are beyond our control. As a student, you can still enhance your productivity by taking charge of those things you can influence. Organizing your timetable and following a routine can offer you the much-needed stability to thrive in academics. Store your notes in easily accessible files and ensure that your study space remains neat and clean. 

  • Reward Yourself to Stay Motivated 

Take note of any progress you make in your studies and reward yourself. It would be best to remain motivated, which means taking regular breaks and recognizing the progress made. Rewards can be as simple as taking a break from work or even a bite of chocolate. 

Students are facing numerous challenges in their academic and personal lives. Make self-care a priority for your mental health, and avoid procrastination. Most importantly, find a balance between your academic and social life. 

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