Temporary or Permanent Dentures? Which is best for you?

Dentures are an alternative to damaged or decayed teeth. Doctors usually recommend them to patients who suffer from teeth problems or have sensitive teeth or have a missing tooth due to an accident or any unfortunate reason and require dental care. These are carved in a manner that they fit perfectly in your mouth very comfortably and naturally. There is Dublin Dental Care dentures for your perusal in this aspect. 

Temporary Dentures

Better known as Immediate Dentures, temporary dentures are the ones that can fit in your mouth immediately after teeth-removal. It gives you the feel of natural teeth. The best thing about temporary dentures is that it is very easy to adapt into your normal lifestyle without making any significant changes. There is no restriction on the choice of food with temporary dentures. You can eat whatever you want without putting much pressure on the remaining natural teeth of yours.

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Permanent Dentures

As the name suggests, these dentures are the permanent solution to your teeth problems. Permanent dentures are best suited for people with enough bone in their jaws and possess good physical health. Permanent dentures are the most preferred option today in the market because of their durability and natural-looking appearance. These are designed in a way that gives you a better fit and increased comfort than a temporary option. The option for bacteria build-up is also less in permanent dentures hence is a healthier option for your oral health hygiene.

Permanent vs. Immediate Dentures


Permanent dentures are an effective but expensive solution. So for the people looking for a cheaper option might skip it. Whereas temporary dentures, when compared to permanent ones, are cheaper and more suitable for pocket-savers.


Fitting and time

Permanent Dentures require much more time to fit properly and give a natural feeling as they are preferred as a permanent solution. While temporary dentures take less time to fit and it is advised to keep them as a spare tool in case of any issue with the permanent ones, like if they are not ready yet or non-affordable.

The fitting quality is much better in permanent dentures. While the quality of fitting of temporary dentures is not at par with the permanent ones.

Health issues

Permanent dentures do not cause any organ issues and also support your facial features and make you feel naturally healthy. It is a healthier option and does not cause any additional problems to your overall health status. 

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However, temporary dentures can cause many issues like irritation, discomfort, difficulty in breathing or talking, the problem in chewing, and gives out a bad odor. Due to the hard customization process, it is rigid and inconvenient for your facial features. This makes it not suitable for people with general health problems.


Permanent Dentures has fuss-free maintenance, no need to remove it for cleaning. Temporary dentures are hard to maintain; they have to be removed whenever you want to clean them.

With the above information, you might have received the information of which denture type is suitable for your body. However, we will recommend you get expert advice before proceeding.

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