The New Waves Of Rolex GMT Master II Watches

The New Waves Of Rolex GMT Master II Watches

Still, searching for that perfect timepiece of yours to add up to your very own collection of luxury watches? Are you tired of looking for the best quality watches with a luxurious touch of design and style? Your search is finally over because Rolex created a new wave of luxury watches under the well-known Rolex GMT Master II series.

If you’re not familiar with this collection of watches, the Rolex GMT Master II are watches that Rolex manufactured with utmost quality for the air pilots. They have all the technology a pilot may need when it comes to traveling. Here are the four latest designs of Rolex GMT Master II in gold-tone for your reference.


This wristwatch is considered one of the most expensive watches under the new collection of Rolex GMT Master ii released in 2006. The design was made exclusively for men. It has a luxurious design that would look perfect on any formal occasion and, of course, in any pilot uniform.

The watch has an analog type of dial in black with dot and sticks style hour indexes and an original Rolex professional design hand markers in white and gold-tone. The dial is surrounded by a unique bezel covered with 18ct yellow gold with 112 diamonds and 12 black sapphire crystals, making it the most luxurious piece that you want to add to your collection.

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Its yellow gold case measures 40.00 mm, and it is covered with a sapphire crystal, making it durable. The movement caliber is an Omega 3186, an automatic type with a 50-hour reserve power and 31 jewels. It has a date indicator window, and it also has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.


This timepiece is also considered one of the best luxurious watches under Rolex GMT Master II’s new series. The watch is made exclusively for men, and it has an excellent design hat that could easily attract anyone in the crowd. You effortlessly wear this watch during formal events and work.

It has a black dial with a combination of dot and sticks hour markers and professional Rolex hand markers in white and gold tone. It has a date window feature located on its 3 o’clock. The watch’s dial is covered with a  bezel made of yellow gold covered with diamonds and sapphire crystals.

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It has a case measuring 40 mm in 18ct yellow gold, same with its whole bracelet and buckle. This timepiece’s automatic movement caliber is Omega 3186, and it has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.

116718LN BK

This timepiece is one of Rolex GMT Master II’s latest models developed in 1955 but produced in 2005 to meet the professional pilots’ requirements to travel long-distance every day. The wristwatch has a black analog dial with a luminescence finish. The hour markers are designed in luminous dot, making them visible even in the dark.

The Breguet hand markers of the watch are made of yellow gold material. The watch’s whole body, including its case and bracelet, is made of 18ct yellow gold material, creating a luxurious approach to its buyers.

The watch’s dial is protected with scratch-proof sapphire crystal and is surrounded by a rotatable gold and black bezel. The watch has two other features aside from its rotatable two-zone bezel, it has a date window indicator on its 3 o’clock, and it has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.


116718LN GN

This watch is one of the new models of Rolex under the GMT Master II series for men. The watch has a high-quality performance that would suit any pilot’s personality and style. It has a combination of gold and green, making it masculine and a perfect pair for any type of uniform or casual look.

It has a green dial with stick and dot design hour markers, and it has Rolex professional maxi hand markers in gold tone. The watch’s case is made of  18ct yellow gold with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on top of it.

The watch has a rotatable bezel that could read two time zones at the same time. Its caliber movement is self-winding with GMT function at Rolex 3186, and it has a power reserve of 48 hours. This luxury watch has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters.


The Rolex brand has been in the industry of watches for more than a decade, and since then, they have never failed to create outstanding watches in their highest performance. Having a Rolex watch in your collection is an excellent investment because of its quality and design.

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