Top 15 Android Apps available

Top 15 Android Apps available
Top 15 Android Apps available

There are different series of Android apps with a host of functions. Many of them are free while their respective paid versions have better facilities and features but they are free from advertisements and the possible bugs. The following list offers you creamy and renowned apps that will add to your utility in more ways than you can possibly think of. So, for that you need to know their utilities. Hence, the following post gives you the detailed list of best Android apps you can possibly own in an easy manner:-

Google Drive

Free / $ 1.99 – $299.99 monthly

As we know, Google Drive offers a cloud storage solution where a new user gets 15GB on sign up. Different Android suites such as Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail, Google Calendar etc make the app more user friendly with great utility. 

Your official work gets more productive thanks to how compatible it is with Microsoft Office documents where note taking with ‘Keep Notes’ is another awesome feature you need to get your work done with perfection


Free  / $1.99

How often do you need to check the weather forecast while starting the day?

Indeed quite often, after all you don’t want to catch yourself in a hailstorm or rain or even inclement weather right a few hours after you have stepped out.

This is where 1Weather serves your needs. Being a weather app you will get an updated weather forecast for as many as 12 weeks along with radar. The user interface is simple, easy to operate with minimal design. Paid version doesn’t have advertisements. So, keep yourself armed any time or everytime with the weather now. 

Google Maps and Waze


How often do you thank Google Maps for saving yourself from traffic jams by suggesting an alternate route?

Or  you get to know the nearest gas station on an unknown land and you are so glad to get one just “in” time. 

Welcome to Google Map which has virtually created a monopoly with the navigation app and is undoubtedly the best app ever available. It is weekly updated, so you can get full information on the places of interest you want to visit or traffic scene before you are going to commute etc. So, save yourself right before you move out and thank Google Maps. 

LastPass Password Manager

Price: Free / $12 per year

Doesn’t it become taxing to keep pace with different passwords online? How often you have forgotten the password and the last hope for you now is to use LastPass. Well, it is an Android app with password manager which securely saves your login credentials. Additionally, it helps you to generate highly confidential and impossible passwords to different series of your accounts. For making the operations easy and simple, there is a master password and you can use it on any device thanks to its cross platform support. 


Free / $27.99 annually

How often do you need to create a weekly grocery list or set notifications for recurring tasks?  I am sure you need to do it for your family. Well, this is where TickTick actually created an awesome difference thanks to its push notifications along with different features of the organizations and their respective categories. You can easily share categories with tasks to any one you desire. The free version comes with limited tasks such as setting two reminders while there is no such limitation with the premium version.

Google Assistant


It can’t get better than having Google as your assistant while you give any sort of commands which may range from solving simple problems of mathematics to asking about the data on population etc. If you want to get a launch icon on your home screen, then there you can get a second Google Assistant app and you have to pay for the hardware. 


Free / $0.99 per month / $4.99 per year

Why should you miss customizing your device with wallpapers, alarm tones or notifications? Well, Zedge lets you create awesome, awesome and highly great collections of attributes. So, based on certain upcoming festivals, you can theme your phone accordingly. Such as decking your device with Christmas, Halloween etc. There may be advertisements which irritate you or you may come across bugs, and you have to bear with that. While the premium version won’t have such issues 

Nova Launcher

Price: Free / $4.99

Nova Launcher offers new and interesting features, as it is constantly updated. It offers a list of customization for your home screen, so that you always get what you desire. It is able to backup and restore your home screen setups and theme different icons or series of Android apps you possess. The premium version makes use of gesture controls among others. In short you get features to what you have paid for.

Microsoft SwiftKey

Price: Free

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard has become a highly sophisticated third party keyboard which is there at your service. It has customizable options and the app has come of age with loads of additional features to give you a boost. It allows you to type through gestures where there is multiple support of languages.

Podcast Addict

Free / $3.99

The podcast addict has mostly every podcast you can possibly think of. It is easy for operations, thanks to the simple UI where you have awesome playback and download features. Based on your preference you can create playlists. 

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