Top 5 Showbox alternatives of 2021

Looking to watch movies? Well, most of the streaming apps require paid subscription from App Store or Play Store. However, history was witness to how Showbox was giving reasons for users to watch free movies. Now, that it has stopped working, there are apps like showbox, which the post highlights. Let’s take a look at them:-


What is your reaction on finding a huge collection of movies, TV shows along with YT channels at your services? Well, you will obviously feel happy that you have found a way to move away from boredom. The app makes use of legit streaming from renowned platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon along with other noteworthy platforms. What makes Stremio even superior to Showbox, is that it is able to function with any streaming services, you link as per you liking. Although, it is true that it is a Showbox alternative, yet it can’t be considered as 100% replacement. Likewise, in such a technology based world, there are websites such as androidguidesp, which provides complete tech based information. So, don’t miss the chance of feeling empowered. 

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The deserving app namely Crackle is rightly included in the list as well, as it is also considered as a Showbox alternative. You can get to view high quality resolution movies for free. In short, as you use the app, you will find yourself surrounded with awesome and happening movies where no words can describe the extent of entertainment which awaits you. It is owned by Sony and is considered as an official app which doesn’t require VPN. It is very simple to use it. 

Popcorn Time

It is considered as an alternative to Showbox and has user-friendly design which is equally simple. It is considered as an alternative for Mac, Android, linux, Windows and iOS. This platform knows the importance of how different choices can make this app more meaningful and preferable. Likewise, it has various catalog of movies. So, you can expect the app to stream the best version of movies and TV shows for free. 


How often in a windy day you feel like opening the door of the house, to experience gusty winds entering your vicinity? Well, this is where the significance of the term ‘door’ actually is. Similarly, the streaming app namely ‘Kodi’ opens the door of entertainment with various features in the form of shows, movies, series and live TV. Simply install Kodi add-ons for watching shows and movies for free. The experience of watching 4K movies is the best thing you can experience yourself. 

PlayBox HD

Another alternative in the list is namely PlayBox HD which has features similar to Showbox. It is true that one develops loads of interest when the quality of content is great. Similarly, it has HD content that makes it as a superior option over others. It has easy-to-use interface so naturally, operating it is easy, and simple. Now, there is no stopping for you when it comes to watching some of your favorite movies or TV shows without spending on anything. 

Final thoughts

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Finally, aforesaid is the list of Showbox alternatives. Now, watching movies in HD quality becomes even easier and simpler. 

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