Transform Your Appearance With a Mommy Makeover

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a term used to describe a collection of cosmetic operations aimed to assist a woman in addressing the usual impacts of pregnancy as well as aging. This procedure restores or enhances her pre-preggo image. Non-invasive treatments, cosmetic surgery, or a blend of the two are options for mommy makeovers.

What are the advantages of a mommy makeover?

Droopy breasts, loosened, extra skin, and distended abdominal muscles are just a few of the long-term—and frequently unwelcome—effects of pregnancy. Even with a proper diet along with exercise, many women become disheartened when their bosom and bodies do not revert back to their pre-pregnancy appearance. A mommy makeover is a good option because it will enhance your self-confidence and treat undesirable pregnancy changes. It will also provide you with your desirable appearance.

With a mommy makeover, every person has their unique set of goals, which generally involve the following:

-Breast sagging that needs to be corrected, and volume that needs to be restored.

-Improve the symmetry of the breasts

-Stretched or big areola and/or nipple repair

-Get rid of extra saggy skin off the belly.

-Abdominal muscles that have been strained or separated need to be repaired.

-Reduce fat pockets that are resistant to diet as well as exercise.

-Enhance the fit of garments and swimsuits.

When Should You Consider Getting a Mommy Makeover?

When it comes to determining the right time to have a mommy makeover as well as selecting the procedures, it’s mostly a personal choice for both you and the surgeon; nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind:

-Prior to getting surgery, it is essential that you are well healed from childbirth.

-If you’re thinking about having breast surgery, wait a few months after you’ve completed breastfeeding to enable your breasts to return to their normal size and form.

-While you are breastfeeding, specific non-surgical therapies, including injectables, are sometimes not advised.

-Non-invasive body shaping and skin treatments are affordable interim treatments, if you expect to have another child in the future.

-Prior to having a body lift, including a tummy tuck surgery, lower body lift, or breast lift, it is usually advisable to wait after you are done having kids.

-You will not be able to lift objects heavier than 5-10 lbs. During the first month, following surgery, you will require child care assistance during recovery.

Selecting a Cosmetic Surgeon

The cosmetic surgeon that will perform your mommy makeover, is the most critical decision you will have to make. Because mommy makeovers usually entail a number of operations, you’ll want to be sure the surgeon is not just skilled in each of the surgeries you’re considering. Be sure they also have the expertise to perform several procedures together. Inquire about the number of mommy makeovers performed by prospective cosmetic surgeons during your consultation. Look at a couple of before and after images, giving special attention to individuals with body types and concerns that are related to your situation and who have had the treatments you’re thinking about.

Also, be certain that the plastic surgeon you select is board certified. Surgeons who have received certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery have had extensive training in across all facets of cosmetic surgery. Additionally, they have passed tough exams confirming their expertise. 

After a Mommy Makeover, What’s Next?

Surgery methods and recuperation time frames vary due to mommy makeovers being tailored to the needs and aspirations of each patient. As a general guideline, you should expect a recovery time that is comparable to the most extensive surgery you plan to have, which is usually a tummy tuck.

Following a mommy makeover, it is typically advised to not lift for 4 to 6 weeks. So, you’ll need to delegate activities that entail picking up or carrying your child(ren)to a caretaker while you recover.

The length of time it takes for your results to become final is also determined by the kinds of procedures performed. Within three months, most patients are comfortable as well as confident in wearing certain clothing, such as a swimsuit.

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