Video platforms are responsible for showing the type of content: IT Minister

NewsDio Desk : Amidst the growing concerns where video streaming services are showing content with is categorized as adult or hurting religious sentiments, India’s technology minister have categorically said that it is responsibility of such service providers who will be held accountable and responsible overall. 

The statement by the telecom minister came on Thursday as part of re-affirming the rule which necessitated regulating the content. 

For the same reason, India has tightened its noose on social media platforms in the form of Twitter and Facebook. The rule also makes it compulsory for streaming services in the form of Amazon’s Prime Video as well as Netflix to categorize the content based on the kind of viewer’s age.

The rule is necessary as it comes at a phase where digital media or OTT platforms are facing growing charges of how they are airing specific programs which are either hurting religious beliefs or showing obscene content. 

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In view of the response from Telecom minister, there has been an apology from Amazon in this regard. 

India’s technology minister Ravi Prasad has said that if companies say that they have the right to create content, on the same lines, viewers have a very much authority to air their grievances over the content which is broadcasted. 

Thanks to the new rules which have come to the fore, it clearly makes it necessary for video streaming platforms to appoint people who look after addressing the issue and these are going to be same people who will coordinate with law enforcement. 

The minister said that the beauty of the country lies in being tolerant. However, it should not be looked as an excuse by those who under the garb of freedom of expression resort to unwanted content which is inappropriate for a wide section of audience and tries to break the very fabric of the country. 

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The social world especially parents have a growing and justifiable concern about how their children are watching online content for hours. This is becoming a cause of serious concern as a big part of the programs are not appropriate for a wider section of audience, which create a sense of threat and fear on parents who are naturally quite disturbed about the mobile addiction which their children are going through. 

Thankfully, India has created a rule which makes it compulsory for streaming platforms to tighten its noose on the free-flowing content which is not only hurting religious sentiments but also advertising obscenity. 

This is where the government seems to tighten the whole fact and it will auger well for the future of any country, where there has been a massive reliance on these streaming services world over.

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It is this important consideration which is also need of the hour and thankfully, after Amazon issued an apology, one is hopeful about things to change for better. 

Owing the recent scenario surrounding with Covid 19, there has been a massive increase in the way people have been dependent on online platforms and such a step is a welcome change for parents. 

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