What is kickass proxy?

A Kickass proxy is the method for you to get access to KAT, through a backdoor process.  It gives a false impression to the browser as if it is based at the place where KAT isn’t illegal. It is done through a thought out strategy by masking your IP address through which the user is able to access the site.  

In an online world, there are certain duplicate sites which are copied and they look exactly the same. However, talking specifically about this aspect, Katcr.co’s team has followed the same platform by launching a new torrent website that has similar looking features to the original one namely Kickass site. The name of the resultant version is New Kickass Torrent Domain and Proxies. Here, one can check wide list of torrent files along with magnet links for movie torrents, software, music, TV shows along with music torrents. In today’s world it is important to be empowered and updated regarding technology. This is where techienize has come to rescue by creating a pleasant and awesome change which needs no introduction. 

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Has kickass been shut down?

Well, it is true that things which are based on wrong methods don’t last long. Likewise, Kickass Torrents which was once used to be a renowned and awesome file-sharing website has met an abrupt end. There is no surprise towards the same. Since, in July 2016, Artem Vaulin, its owner was put behind the bars by the US Department of Justice. The charges leveled on him were that he had various copyright and money laundering offenses under his belt.  This is how the original Kickass Torrents has met with an abrupt end. Well, it equally teaches us a lesson not to follow bad steps. 

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Can you go to jail for Torrenting?

Different countries have rules based on how seriously they consider Torrenting. While it is a unanimous view, that sharing copyrighted content is illegal whether it is practiced through torrents or any other way.

Since, we all know that movies, TV shows along with music are associated with copyright protection law and if you break the law by projecting yourself to be over smart, then you are liable to be punished.

However, the chance of landing to jail can’t be ruled out, as it depends on the country you are subjected to. So, it is better to be safe than sorry and only adopt legal ways. 

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Is kickass onl legit?

The  world is about competition and the basic essence lies towards ‘comparing’ things. So,  if  one compare with other torrent sites, then Kickass onl is considered to be trustworthy and the basic reason for the same is that there are many excellent uploaders  of mostly different series of content. What makes it pleasantly different from others is the reliance on the user community where people give their reaction in terms of good or bad. Likewise, one can know the ‘specific’ type of rating being given by whom. Hence, this becomes quite an obvious mechanism of knowing the ‘reactions’ of people. However, in the process, we need to be alert and shouldn’t follow things blindly. 

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