What is the best WhatsApp status? And what’s App short status?

Who see my status WhatsApp?

One of the most obvious and popular social media sites, WhatsApp knows the interest of users by giving them complete control over various aspects. While one of them relates to whom we would like our status to be viewed. Hence,  you have full control over who can view the Whatsapp status. It is the fact that as per the default feature of WhatsApp, your contacts can view the Status. However, thanks to the privacy settings, it is upto you to change the same.

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In order to change the status, Android users tap menu button and then Status Privacy. While for iPhone users, simply tap on Privacy

You have three options

My Contacts

You have many contacts on your WhatsApp and all of them can view the status

Make selection as per your choice

  • Select those to whom you don’t want to show your status to. While the rest will be knowing your status like before

Only Share with those to whom you want to show your status

Select contacts with those you want to show your status to

In order to make the update effective,  make changes to the privacy settings before you do any update. 

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Before going further, let me ask you, 

How prominent and significant the term ‘status’ has become in anybody’s life? Well, it relates to the social popularity as well as financial soundness of an individual. In short, it defines who the person is. Similarly, taking proximity to the same term, ‘WhatsApp status is no different. It equally defines the nature and expresses the ideology of the person. Posing status gives a personal touch to the contacts who view and react to the same. In the same way, there are various WhatsApp statuses which one can check online. 

Don’t we feel excited when others have good things to say to the WhatsApp status? Yes, we do. Likewise, we are curious to check what others have posed and we feel truly happy and joyful to do the same as well. Hence, all that matters is how we are able to create a close-knit family of every single person in the contacts by sharing what we feel through WhatsApp status. 

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It is this exercise which has made the bond of the WhatsApp family even healthier, stronger and closer. 

How can I check WhatsApp status without the other person getting noticed?

If you don’t want the other person to be notified that you have actually seen the status, then you have to turn off the read receipts till the time status has expired. However, if you turn it on, before the status has expired, then the other person will be notified.

For the same you need to

  • Open WhatsApp on Android Smartphone
  • Move to Settings > Account > Privacy and turn off Read receipts
  • Now, view the updates of any contact 
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