What should my CenturyLink Internet speed be?

If you ask about one of the popular and renowned internet services in the US, then many would instantly go with CenturyLink. Why not, when it has created three million users and the data shows enough of a popularity about how over the years, it is able to impart the best of services to provide a pleasantly awesome connectivity speeds. However, there is a different phase which people are facing right now and that is the issue of ‘slow speed’ which can be best addressed through centurylink speed test.  Let’s now take a look at further details with regards to the possible causes and remedial measures to be adopted for the same. 

CenturyLink has stood out in gaining popularity when it comes to providing best of connectivity speeds. The service provider is working since 1968.

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Although, the brand has given an awesome phase for years in terms of providing the best of speed, yet it is now experiencing slow speed and ‘throttling’ is its main cause. There are many reasons why it occurs. Let’s take a look at them now:-

Restricted Bandwidth Plan

It is true that for an unbiased approach the company regards every user to be the same. Hence, when a certain user surpassed the allotted data, then the speed become slow. This is where ISPs start to throttle the connection, which can be practically observed in the form of speed issue. Problems arise everywhere and if you want to update and empower yourself with technology, then techsko offers the best way to get latest updates, so that you are ahead of the rest in this technology empowered world. 

The speed of Century Link is based on the area you live. Overall, there is a general speed which range from 10-940 Mbps. Fiber service of Century Link supports higher service while the slow range is looked after by DSL service. 

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De-congest the network

It is true that during peak times, the company may be forced to decongest the network. Yes, this is the phase when maximum users are using the services. Therefore, it comes with lots of bandwidth and in pursuit of maintaining stability, ISP throttles the connection, which is best seen in the form of slow speed and the site literally takes forever to download. 

Stopping the transfer of large files

Another possible cause is torrenting and streaming. Streaming sites in the form of Netflix or downloading P2P files, signify loads of consumption. Even the best you try, yet you are unable to watch Netflix movies in HD quality. Unlike the expectations, it is not due to the device or router facing issues, it is primarily due to ISP throttling the network. 

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The speed test will make you aware about the actual speed currently. You can take the test as many times through which you can compare the results. Likewise, the remedial measures you need to adopt for achieving the faster internet speeds.

  • Click “Go” for starting the speed test. 
  • The test will firstly begin through a measure “ping” which determines the exact time for establishing a connection with the server. 
  • Then the test will receive a part of data as a mechanism to measure the download speed. 
  • Finally, the test is going to send a small bit of data which act as a sort of measurement to your upload speed. 

Is CenturyLink 20 Mbps good?

Having a speed of 20 Mbps can be categorized as a good one which besides proving effective for casual gaming, can also be very well addressed the needs for sending emails, social media along with similar tasks. 

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