What to Know Before Entering the Sales World

The sales world requires you to have your game face on every day and thrive under pressure. That said, in the last few years, especially after 2020, the nature of sales has changed dramatically, and the level and sources of this pressure have changed immeasurably.

As many salespeople have begun working remotely, this transition has shifted in how people in the field approach each sales interaction. The industry has become that much more competitive, and with Zoom calls replacing in-person client meetings, effective and prompt communication has become more prevalent than ever.

As the sales world is constantly evolving, these are the factors you need to take into consideration before you enter the exciting world of sales.   

Entering the Sales World 

When entering the sales world nowadays, you no longer need to apply to every job posting because recruitment agencies help streamline processes for both employers and employees. Now, the job hunt is a bit more selective as employees and employers are more specific about skill set and job descriptions. There are assurances when working with sales recruiters because they help pair the right candidate with the right role, making the process more efficient for both sides.  

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When you work with a recruitment agency, they’ll place you with a client, whether that be a business or a candidate, that meets your criteria and qualifications. 

Expect to Hear a Lot of “No’s” 

More often than not, the answer you will receive, if you receive one at all, is “not interested” or a simple “no.” As they say, rejection a part of life. In those cases, it’s important to prepare good responses. A big part of sales is being able to flip the script and getting the consumer to elaborate and potentially listen to what you have to say. Instead of being discouraged, take the rejection as an opportunity to receive good feedback.



You will have a lot of people turn down your pitch. It’s normal, and it happens to the best salespeople. After every rejection, you can self-examine and see where the conversation went wrong. Sometimes, there’s nothing you could do, and other times, you’ll learn from your mistakes.  

Be Confident  

Make sure to sell yourself the product or service first. If you believe in what you’re selling, you will be able to sell to anyone seamlessly. When you have confidence in the conversation, you will have control over the direction it goes in.  

Handling Angry Customers 

One thing that’s a given in the sales world is angry customers. When you take on a sales job, you will have to deescalate situations. For whatever reason, they’re upset, and you will need to have composure and offer excellent customer service.  

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Listening is essential. Listen to what the client needs, and then assess if your product is the right fit. You can talk their ear off and explain all the ways that your product will help them, but sometimes it’s just not the right fit.  

Be Positive 

Positivity goes for any job, but especially if you’re pitching. Show emotion, and be excited. The consumer will feed off your energy about the pitch.  


When the customer is listing off problems, come up with solutions. The client is spending their time with you, so it’s crucial to have the best response for whatever issues arise.  

Be Mindful of Time

Don’t waste time pitching to a customer who does not need or have any interest in the product. Your time is as valuable as theirs is.  

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