What to Look out for before Choosing Fashion Design Course?

No Sabyasachi Mukherjee or Anita Dongre has ever walked out of design school and straight into the limelight. Patience, creative vision, and talent are paramount to making it big in the fashion industry. And all of this begins with formal training. 

Should you pay attention to the infrastructure? Perhaps you need to consider the location to choose fashion designing course most suitable for you? The process of finding the best fashion design institute can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, the fruit of your labour will be a lot sweeter. 

After all, when you finally reach the fast-paced world of fashion, it is the reputation of your design institute that will pave the way for you before your talent does. 

What to look for in a fashion design course?

Before you select a fashion design course, take a few minutes to consider the following. 

Course curriculum 

The first thing you should review is the course curriculum. Now, of course, theoretical knowledge is indispensable to master design. But without the practical application, it has no meaning. After all, designing clothes is a very hands-on art

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So when looking for a suitable course, do consider the kind of technical guidance you’ll receive. It should ideally shape your design thinking and craftsmanship.

In renowned institutes like the Pearl Academy, the design curriculum combines theoretical and practical knowledge in the best possible ways. The following areas are covered –

  • Culture, History & Narratives
  • Fashion Languages and Techniques
  • Drawing for Design
  • Technical Tools
  • Investigate Innovate Implement
  • Brands Mood
  • Application of Social Media
  • Live Industry Project
  • Design Opportunities
  • Fashion Making 
  • International Lab Experience
  • Professional Practice
  • Portfolio Development

As you’re probably aware, trends in fashion change almost overnight. With in-demand transferable skills under your belt (think 3D printing or laser cutting techniques), hopping trends will become second nature. 

Alumni network

A prestigious design school will undoubtedly have a stellar alumni network. If you want to narrow down a design school, you should reach out to its alumni on LinkedIn or other platforms. Sure, you can find numerous institute reviews online. But as helpful as they might be, the first-hand knowledge of the school alumni will be unparalleled. 

Once connected, you can ask any questions you may have regarding the curriculum, among others. Besides, there’s no better place to build your professional network than the alumni meet, is there? 

Industry exposure 

When searching for a design course, keep a close watch on the internship opportunities you can get, along with the kind of industry exposure the institute offers at different academic stages. These can include exhibitions, trade fairs, fashion events, workshops, etc. 

These collective experiences can inspire and guide you to build your work portfolio and professional network. Many design institutes have already incorporated skill-based training as part of the curriculum. Pearl Academy is one such example, offering students dedicated technical support and lab experiences to flourish in the fashion industry. 


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Finally, pay attention to the course accreditation. Quality checks aren’t reserved for the fashion industry alone. The same rules apply to design schools as well. Always go for an accredited design course to ensure you receive education at par with the industry standards. Such a degree will also prove particularly valuable in the job market, helping you attract more rewarding opportunities.

Your turn

Now, far from the glitz and glamour, you should know that the competition in the industry isn’t easily beatable. With careful considerations and dedicated efforts, however, you can build a rewarding career in fashion designing. That’s why it’s so important to pay due diligence to take a step in the right direction!

Luckily, with the points mentioned above, choosing the right fashion design course will come easy.

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