Who is Steven Assanti and his weight now?

Who is Steven Assanti and his weight now?
Who is Steven Assanti and his weight now?

How much does Steven Assanti weigh now?

Steven Assanti was not appreciated by fans in the show where his weight was 734lb. Considering the status of his health, he was soon taken under the supervision of Surgeon Younan Nowzaradan.

He was pressed in the duty of caring for him. Well, Steven couldn’t prove to be a responsible patient who should have listened to the words of the doctor for his own betterment. He seemed to be least concerned with the strict diet procedure he was supposed to follow.  He didn’t stop there. He even went overboard towards humiliating his father and younger brother. After sensing the extent of aggressiveness, the doctor thought it to be appropriate towards sending him to the rehabilitation center after he completed the surgery on him. The surgery took place as the show ended and the next one was Assanti brothers.

What happened to Steven and Justin Assanti?

Steven and Justin Assanti parted ways after the show. Assanti brothers were never seen together, as they chose their own way.

Later on, Steven Assanti didn’t show much presence on social media platform. While the same was not the case for his brother Justin Assanti who actively participated online.  Justin started to shed weight and roughly lost 200 pounds. Along with the same, he even started his own business.

Did Steven Assanti get married?

Yes, Steven Assanti got married as there has been the reports, that Steven married Stephanie Sanger. The lady was a massage therapist. 

Who is Stephanie Sanger?

Stephanie Sanger, aged 42 was a resident of Lowa. She has a teenage daughter. After completing her graduation from “College of Natural Health”, she started to practice as a massage therapist. She has been licensed for the same. Her love story with Steven began soon after, as she secretly married him in 2018 and that was the time, when the two were living together along with the daughter.

 As has been mentioned above, that Steven and Justin weren’t in contact with each other, but the only communication for Steven was through his father. The couple had a short date and they soon married even though it was secretly held. Although, Stephen’s parents attended the marriage, yet they weren’t excited, as they didn’t show any kind or type of interest for the things which unfolded. However, they accepted them as a couple. Similar to Steven who never wanted to disclose marriage, even his wife Stephanie too followed the same, but she couldn’t hold any longer as she posted the photos on her Facebook account of them together. 

How did they meet?

Stephanie was a viewer to the show where Steven was there as an actor. In order to publicly admit her love for the man, she posted on different social media accounts about how she has started loving Steven during the show. She confirmed her love to be very serious as she has said that she is considering him as her “soul mate”. 

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