Why Invest In Your Child’s Early Childhood Education


Experts define early childhood education as the period between the child’s birth and when they start attending kindergarten. Educators believe that it is a very significant time in the children’s lives because they begin to interact with people other than their families. Enrolling them in an early childhood education centre also encourages them to develop an interest in learning to stay with them until they grow old. 

However, the experts recognise that many parents think that early childhood education focuses on teaching a child basic skills. The truth is, this type of education also teaches children about the crucial social and emotional skills that they need later on in life. It also helps in developing relationships between the child, the parent, and the educators. If an early childhood education centre can successfully provide the child’s needs, it can lay a great groundwork that may continue throughout the child’s learning years. 

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Countries all over the world know how important early childhood education is. The UNESCO views early childhood care and education (ECCE) as something much more than preparing the child to enter primary school. The organisation believes that early childhood education can nurture caring and responsible citizens in the long run. 

Aside from shaping a child to become valuable members of the community, here are other benefits of enrolling your child in a program under an early childhood education centre. 

#1: To Cultivate Good Habits 

Children normally feel safer and secure if they follow daily routines in an early childhood education facility. They will know what to expect every day, which will make them feel calmer and more settled throughout the day. 

Preparing for school can be a habit-forming experience. Bathing, brushing their teeth, and preparing their bags are necessary routines to develop until they grow older. While these habits are mostly taught at home, educators will hone other skills needed to allow them to live independently in the future. 

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#2: Teaches Literacy And Numeracy Skills

Literacy and numeracy skills provide a strong foundation for a good education. But these skills are more than just counting, writing, and reading. Young kids pick up literacy skills by hearing stories, discussing pictures, and doodling shapes on paper. Meanwhile, they learn numeracy skills by singing songs, playing musical instruments, or moulding sands into containers of different shapes and sizes. 

Experts believe that both the literacy and numeracy skills that kids learn in early childhood education will significantly impact their academic success in the future. Based on a study, the children who spent time in an early childhood education centre for at least three years do better in future literacy and numeracy exams. 

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#3: Encourages Long-term Love For Learning 

The best early childhood education centres will serve as a safe and secure haven for your child while you work and serves as the best ground to learn how to love learning for life. 

Access to early childhood education offers children cognitive and social experiences to teach them how to become independent. It also let them cultivate a positive approach to learning. It will also help them develop the drive to be successful academically. 

If you plan to start your child’s early education this year or the coming one, you need to look for a good early childhood education centre to help them have a good head start in life. 

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